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Central Vacuum Systems

A central vacuum system are generally installed in a garage, basement, or storage room. Pipes are connected throughout the whole house and inlets are installed at each port of the pipes. These inlets connect to hoses and other central vacuum accessories to clean dirt, dust particles, allergens, etc. from that specific room.

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Household Vacuums

We are not just a central vacuum company, we also offer a variety of househould vacuums and household vacuum accessories. A household vacuum is the typical vacuum you usually see and grew up with. They consist of uprights and canisters for your every day cleaning needs, Miele and SEBO are widely regarded as the leading manufacturers in the industry.

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Commercial Vacuums

A commercial vacuum is built for commercial needs. Commercial vacuums typically have the same power as a central vacuum, but it's either on your back or you push/pull like a regular vacuum cleaner. Browse our immense inventory of commercial vacuums, we carry canisters, uprights, air movers, carpet extractors, floor machines, and have all the accessories you could need.

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Backpack Vacuums

Backpack vacuums are mostly used in the commercial or janitorial industry. Backpack vacuums are less strenuous, and more durable then conventional push/pull vacuums. A backpack vacuum is usually located on the back with a shoulder harnass that helps distributes the weight, making it so little effort is needed to haul the vacuum cleaner around. They are typically used in large areas with flat indoor/outdoor commercial style carpeting or no carpeting. Some models are just as powerful as a central vacuum.

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