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ProTeam ProVac Backpack Vacuum

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ProTeam ProVac Backpack Vacuum:

Vacuuming can be quite problematic in the hospitality and food service industry because the demands are much higher than in other industries. Therefore, one needs a professional vacuum cleaner in order to fulfill the cleaning tasks encountered in these domains properly and to meet the highest hygiene standards. ProTeam has launched a vacuum cleaner which can stand up to these jobs for it is extremely resistant and a very good performer – the ProTeam ProVac vacuum cleaner.

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ProTeam ProVac Backpack Vacuum

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Our Price: $393.00

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Indoor air quality is an important issue for everyone. In a national effort,the American Lung Association® and ProTeam, Inc. have partnered to help more individuals understand the importance of a healthier indoor environment.

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ProTeam ProVac Backpack Vacuum Part# 100829

ProTeam ProVac VacummingThe ProTeam ProVac vacuum cleaner does not feature any beater bars, brushes, belts or any other components susceptible to damage. However, it comes with a static-dissipating hose, two Intercept micro filters and an extension cord which measures fifty feet in length. This is a 6-quart backpack vacuum cleaner manufactured by ProTeam which also features the four-level filtration system characteristic of this manufacturer. This filtration system has become quite popular in the vacuuming industry thanks to its ability to collect up to 99.9% of the allergens in the indoor air which exceed one micron in size. The filters can be washed in the dishwasher when full, along with the hoses and other accessories the vacuum cleaner is fitted with, for they are made of cloth and foam. The ProTeam ProVac use disposable bags.

The 4 Layer Filtration system for the ProTeam ProVac The ProVac vacuum cleaner may be a backpack model, but that does not prevent it from producing quite some power for its size. The 124 cubic feet of airflow per minute, the 6.2 amp motor and the 75-inch static lift are bound to impress in any environment this vacuum cleaner may be used in, whether a restaurant, a bar or club, a hotel or motel, a school cafeteria or a regular kitchen. The minimal noise level of 66 decibels should also be added to the list.

Additional benefits for the ProTeam ProVac

ProTeam Green Builders CouncilLogoProTeam ProVac Bronze AwardThe ProVac Backpack vacuum is nearly unbreakable, it is for this reason that the ProVac is perfect for the foodservice and hospitality industries. The ProVac dose not have belts, brater bars or brushes, this makes is almost unbreakable.

All in all, the ProTeam ProVac backpack vacuum cleaner is a highly convenient professional appliance with cleaning abilities superior to those of upright vacuum cleaners and even other canister vacuum cleaners available on the market. It is aimed to deliver superior cleaning results and indeed it does, gathering a number of features which can hardly be matched by any other similar appliance on the market.

Product Warranty Information For The ProTeam ProVac

ProTeam ProVac Product Warranty
Carries a 3/3/3/Life warranty - 3 years on parts, labor and motor* and lifetime on the molded body parts. * 5 Year motor warranty when purchased with a restaurant kit. 800-322-2965

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ProTeam ProVac Backpack Vacuum Specs

Watts 744 Watt
Weight 9 Lbs.
Decibles 66 dBA
Airflow 124 CFM
Static Lift 75 in.
Amps 6.2 A
Intercept Micro Filter 6 qt. (6.6 L)
Four Level Filtration 676.01 sq. in

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Power ProTeam Sierra ProTeam LineVacer ProTeam Provac ProTeam Everest ProTeam Proforce
Watts 744 W 744 W 744 W 1188 W 924 W
Weight 10 Lbs 13 Lbs 9 Lbs 11 Lbs 18 Lbs
Decibels 68 dBA 64 dBA 66 dBA 66 dBA 67 dBA
Airflow 124 CFM 124 CFM 124 CFM 150 CFM 96 CFM
Static Lift 75 In 75 In 75 In 100 In 84 In
Intercept Micro Filter 6 qt. (6.6 L) 10 qt. (11 L) 6 qt. (6.6 L) 10 qt. (11 L) 3.25 qt. (3 L)
Amps 6.2 A 6.2 A 6.2 A 9.9 A 10 A
Filtration ProTeam Sierra ProTeam LineVacer ProTeam Provac ProTeam Everest ProTeam Proforce
Four Level Filtration 701 sq. in. total area w/ HEPA: 2283 sq. in. w/ ULPA: 3232 sq. in. 676.01 sq. in 943 sq. in. total area 522 sq. in. total area
True HEPA/ULPA Filtration® No

HEPA: 99.97% at 0.3 microns at 2283 sq. in. filtration area
ULPA: 99.999+% at 0.12 microns at 3232 sq. in. filtration area.

No No No

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