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ProTeam Sierra Backpack Vacuum

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ProTeam Sierra Backpack Vacuum:

Anyone interested in high quality maid services can now rest assured because they have a powerful ally in the vacuum cleaners released on the market by ProTeam and the ProTeam Sierra backpack vacuum cleaner in particular, this vacuum cleaner being the only commercial appliance of its collection which comes in a power nozzle version too. The Sierra backpack vacuum comes with the E-Z Glide Commercial Attachment Kit.

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ProTeam Sierra
Backpack Vacuum

Power Commercial Kit for the ProTeam Sierra
Our Price: $409.00

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Indoor air quality is an important issue for everyone. In a national effort,the American Lung Association® and ProTeam, Inc. have partnered to help more individuals understand the importance of a healthier indoor environment.

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ProTeam Sierra Backpack Vacuum Part #103243

ProTeam Sierra VacummingThe Sierra backpack vacuum cleaner is one of the easiest vacuums to carry around for it weighs no more than ten pounds and its dimensions are small. Therefore, the user does not have to waste any energy on pulling or pushing it around the house as it is the case with other vacuum cleaners. The mountaineering-style design also weighs heavily from this point of view. However, the filtration abilities and power of this vacuum cleaner show just how irrelevant the size of a vacuum cleaner can be if it is designed properly. The Proteam ProTeam Sierra use disposable bags.

The 4 layer Filtration SystemProTeam SierraThe ProTeam Sierra vacuum cleaner uses Intercept micro filters and a four-level filtration system to reach a yield of 99.9% against all particles that measure at least one micron, whether dust particles, dust mites or pollen particles. The Intercept micro filter media measures 454 square inches in size while the four-level filtration can cover 701 square inches and, more importantly, they eliminate the need for follow up dusting. As for the power produced, the motor fitted on this vacuum cleaner is a 6.2 amp and 744 watt one which produces 124 CFM of airflow and only 68 decibels of noise. The static lift is set at 75 inches. The package also includes a dissipating hose, a 50-foot long cord and a tool belt for easier use of the accessories, which make this vacuum cleaner even easier to use. So does its low profile design which allows it to capture the harmful particles settled in the most inaccessible places around the house.

Additional benefits for the ProTeam Sierra

ProTeam Green Builders Council LogoProTeam Sierra Bronze CertificateThe Sierra backpack vacuum cleaner has been certified as sustainable cleaning equipment by the US Green Building Council, meeting the standards set by its LEED rating system. Moreover, it bears a Bronze seal of approval from CRI (The Carpet and Rug Institute), which certifies its high efficiency and superior performance as far as the quality of the indoor
air is concerned.

Provided with a three-year warranty on the labor, motor and components and a lifetime one on the body, the ProTeam Sierra backpack vacuum cleaner is a versatile, ergonomic and lightweight appliance which can stand up to any cleaning test. It comes with all the guarantees one may need when searching for a good vacuum cleaner and it also has a few particularities which increase its value and make it more than just another backpack vacuum cleaner.

Product Warranty Information For The ProTeam Sierra

ProTeam Sierra Product Warranty
Carries a 3/3/3/Life warranty - 3 years on parts, labor and motor* and lifetime on the molded body parts. * 5 Year motor warranty when purchased with a restaurant kit. 800-322-2965

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ProTeam Sierra Backpack Vacuum Specs

Watts 744 Watt
Weight 10 Lbs.
Decibles 68 dBA
Airflow 124 CFM
Static Lift 75 in.
Amps 6.2 A
Intercept Micro Filter 6 qt. (6.6 L)
Four Level Filtration 701.01 sq. in

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Power ProTeam Sierra ProTeam LineVacer ProTeam Provac ProTeam Everest ProTeam Proforce
Watts 744 W 744 W 744 W 1188 W 924 W
Weight 10 Lbs 13 Lbs 9 Lbs 11 Lbs 18 Lbs
Decibels 68 dBA 64 dBA 66 dBA 66 dBA 67 dBA
Airflow 124 CFM 124 CFM 124 CFM 150 CFM 96 CFM
Static Lift 75 In 75 In 75 In 100 In 84 In
Intercept Micro Filter 6 qt. (6.6 L) 10 qt. (11 L) 6 qt. (6.6 L) 10 qt. (11 L) 3.25 qt. (3 L)
Amps 6.2 A 6.2 A 6.2 A 9.9 A 10 A
Filtration ProTeam Sierra ProTeam LineVacer ProTeam Provac ProTeam Everest ProTeam Proforce
Four Level Filtration 701 sq. in. total area w/ HEPA: 2283 sq. in. w/ ULPA: 3232 sq. in. 676.01 sq. in 943 sq. in. total area 522 sq. in. total area
True HEPA/ULPA FiltrationĀ® No

HEPA: 99.97% at 0.3 microns at 2283 sq. in. filtration area
ULPA: 99.999+% at 0.12 microns at 3232 sq. in. filtration area.

No No No

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