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Cyclonic With Cartridge Filter


Cyclonic filtration creates a powerful centrifugal force that separates 96-98% of all dirt vacuumed from the airflow, sending it directly to the dirt canister. Less than 5% of all dirt vacuumed (fine dust particles only) are exposed to and captured in the long-lasting filter cartridge as air is exhausted. 

This filtration type cannot capture or prevent the build-up of bacteria, fungi, mold spores, dust mites, odors, toxic chemicals etc.
Bagless is a dirty word!

Cyclonic vacuum with a fixed filter Disadvantages
  • Makes For A Very Messy Clean Up
  • Loss of Suction Over Course of Time
  • Costly Cartridge/Foam Filters
  • Not Good For Allergy/Asthma Sufferers
  • Restricts Air Flow As Canisters Fills Up


  • Good Dust -
    Air Separation
  • No Bags To Buy
  • Moderate Maintenance


Dust clouds around the wastebasket aren't what we'd call "healthy"

This is a very messy job. Think of this system as a pool filter. When the pool filter is washed off and all the debris is gone, it works great. But, as the filter starts to clog with dirt and debris again, you will lose efficiency and it will not work to it's capability. Brushing it off with a broom or even washing it eventually get pores clogged and reduce air flow causing overheating and premature motor failure.

We have never had a customer in over 30 years that could say anything positive about this type of filtration.

It is highly recommended that these type units be vented outside due to harmful particles that vent though the motor and back into your living environment. A motor safety valve is also highly recommended with these units due to commonly clogged cartridges/foam filters.

These systems include...

Dirt Devil, Royal
, Vacuflo, Electrolux AB (Aerus), Hayden

We highly recommend using masks and gloves to protect yourself from the dirt and dust. NOT recommended for asthma sufferers.
Buying a bagless vacuum is not really a good idea.

Important Things To Know

Never suck up fireplace ashes, talcum powder, construction dust, sheet rock dust etc. This may suffocate the motor causing premature motor burn out or even worse, overheating which is a fire hazard and not covered under any manufacturers warranty.

Case in point, this is why people don't like dealing with bagless vacuums. Why would you?
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