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Central Vacuum Recommendations
When all the dust settles... Which Central Vacuums sell the most?
Best Price - Value - Longevity - Best Warranty - Quietness - Durability - Fewest Repairs

Best Selling Central Vacuum Brands in the United States
Award Winning List of the Top Selling Manufacturers of 2015 Given to ThinkVacuums.com

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duovac central vacuum award Award by Drainvac for Top U.S.A. Central Vacuum Dealer CanaVac Pet Central Vacuum Award Power Star Leading Internet Central Vacuum Sales and Service 2010 Builder's Favorite by Nutone

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Top Honor Internet Approved Dealer Exceptional Sales Platinum Award United States Dealer Sales and Service #1 Top Internet Dealer of NEW Pet Hybrid Central Vacs Think Vacuums Leading Internet Sales and Service Top Sellers Honor
Approved Internet Dealer

We get asked a lot of questions about central vacuums, the most popular one is "what is the best /
what sells the most?
" We thought we'd create this page as an answer for the curious folks out there.

Central Vacuum Systems

- Best seller in every category

- Best Dollar Value
- Fits everyone's budget

- Leaving the competition in the dust

- Prices start at $395.00


Rating System

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Robert and Abby
 Vacuums are my life, I love central vacuums and I truly mean that! I pour all my hard work and knowledge into this to make your shopping experience as easy as possible. When you call us you will speak to our professional staff that have many years in the industry. If you have installation questions we have certified installers! How about a blueprint specialist or a vacuum sales consultant? Feel free to call and ask to speak with me (Robert), the owner, directly. Happy vacuuming

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Central Vacuum Systems


- Considered the finest vacuum in the world

- True lifetime warranty including the motor

- Prices start at $409.00


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Central Vacuum Systems

- Great for asthma and allergy sufferers
- Fits everyone's budget

- Prices start at $349.00

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Central Vacuum Systems


- Built to last

- New hybrid system

- Rock solid technology

- Prices start at $349.00

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Central Vacuum Systems
Builders favorite brand

- Prices start at $320.00

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Central Vacuum Systems

- Quality you can trust

- Prices start at $699.00

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Check out our central vacuum comparison charts

Aggresor Airvac AstroVac Beam B & D Broan Brute
Budd Cana-Vac Centralux CV International Dirt Devil Drainvac DuoVac
Dust Care Easy-Flo Electrolux Eureka Fasco Filtex Frigidaire
Hayden Honeywell Hoover MD NuTone Patton PowerStar
Pullman-Holt PurVac Riccar Royal Sears/Kenmore Sequoia Simplicity
Smart Vacuflo Valet Vent-a-Vac WalVac Whirlpool Zenex

A letter from the owner:

Thinkvacuums.com prides ourselves on decades spent working with central vacuum systems. We have invested countless hours researching the central vacuum industry along with aligning ourselves with the best and most well respected vacuum brands in the market today. Over the years we have been able to build strong bonds and gain respect from our manufactures. This has allowed us to do two things: first, pass on incredible central vacuum savings and information to you, our customers; and offer you the hottest, cutting edge vacuum technology to choose from.  This helps you make the best buying decision.

In recent years we have noticed more and more homeowners making the smart investment of adding a central vacuum system to their home. The demand for these whole house vacuums has increased ever since the public became aware of the health benefits and added cleaning convenience.

You have probably noticed that "green living" is everywhere these days. As a global community we are becoming more aware of our actions and taking the steps to prevent further damage to our environment. Many central vacuum corporations have gone green to make a positive impact as well. Good health starts with a clean environment. Who wouldn't want an energy efficient machine that not only purifies the air you breathe but also saves you money? This is just a small example of how I pride my company on adapting with the times and carrying the most modern innovative products. Learn more about this click here.

Here's something to ponder: If you have an illness you go to a specialist, listen to their recommendations, and leave reassured that the advice you received was of sound mind. When you're in the market for a good bike you go to a bicycle store. You want to ensure you're getting a quality made product. A bike with well built components made from high quality material and recommended by an expert. You know and realize that this is their specialty and therefore you trust them.

We are the vacuum experts, straight shooters who are knowledgeable about the industry and able to accurately offer the right central vacuum recommendations. As I mentioned before vacuums are my life, business, and has been a passion of mine since early on. After all, I was born into the industry through our family business.

Other companies may butter you up with false information simply to get a sale. As you can see from all the information on ThinkVacuums.com, our goal is to, first: inform our customers, then: offer the best central vacuum recommendations. We feel if you are better informed, it will make buying the right central vacuum system that much easier.

Just ask to speak to me (Robert) and I will be more than happy get on the phone with you because I am here for all my customers, builders, and consumers alike. All you need to do is call and ask to speak with any of our highly qualified staff. Our customer service reps are trained to teach and educate you, to spend time to give you the personal service you want.

We take our family owned and operated business to heart, unlike a local vacuum shop we are able to offer a wider selection. We as consumers, like yourselves are aware of these troubling times and are extremely conscious when looking for the best value, best product and best price. It has been our goal during this time to pass on added value because, we know the feeling of watching every dollar spent. We continue to absorb the increased cost from our manufactures in an effort to remain the lowest priced central vacuum retailer on the internet.

We are proud that we have achieved the highest degree of customer satisfaction according to the Better Business Bureau with an outstanding A+ rating in our category. This is a great honor considering most online business's come and go overnight ( who can you trust?) We have been in the vacuum business since 1960, family owned and operated, and are still going strong thanks to our valued customers and outstanding customer service.


Let us help you pick out the right system for your needs while working within your budget. I believe in running my business with a mom and pop feel to it. We listen to you and understand your needs. We will advise you on what is recommended due to your specifications. We don't work on commission or pitch our own brand (private label) like some other internet based companies, because we want you to feel comfortable and secure with your purchase.

Here's a wonderful example of our dedication to customer service:


An order I placed resulted in much frustration due to problems from a factory drop shipment. If it wasn't for the help of the Think Vacuums staff and specifically Dan, we wouldn't have received our order, and with free shipment. It is nice to see real help these days. Thank you for keeping alive the mom and pop service.

Melvin V.
Hawaiian Mission Academy, Honolulu, HI.
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I would like to take this time to thank all of you who have made us one of the leading dealers in the central vacuum industry. We value the fact that an informed customer will make a purchase that they will be satisfied with and that will last a lifetime.

Going above and beyond our customer service does not end when the sale is made. We send our customers newsletters, rebates, discounts and will keep you informed via email of any new products that come on to the market. We send friendly reminder cards when it's time for you to service your vacuum. Once again without the support of you, the customer, we would not be able to provide you with top notch service and products.

As the founder of thinkvacuums.com my goal is to inform the customer of the newest and greatest products and accessories available on the market today. Our informative website was designed for the builders as well as the home owner with the do-it-yourself projects in mind. People always want to know what's hot-what's high tech-what's the trend and of course what's in demand! We try to keep the public up to date with an ever changing industry. Our best customer is a well educated customer.

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*Buyer Beware*
We are a legitimate company and have been in business for many years. We actually have a storefront where
some of our internet competitors work out of their garage or basement/apartment. Learn more about us.

:-(Some internet competitors' feed off the fact that money is tight they push their own brand of central vacuum (private labels) and when you go this route the future is uncertain. You may save a few bucks, however, within the next few years that person's personal brand may be out of business and make it impossible for you to get replacement parts, bags and no one will be able to get the parts for these vacuums. No local vacuum store will touch these vacuums which in the end mean you have no warranty and a lemon for a central vacuum? We will not be undersold! We offer many of the top leading brand names in the industry and even cover their warranty at our location so you don't have to stress! We are proud of ourselves for not carrying our own private label. Most of our online competitors' have fallen victim to this trend. We on the other hand will never do such a thing. Why would most internet companies offer their private label? For one it's cheaper for them to get better deals on refurbished parts. Second customer returns are sold as well as discontinued models. Third rebuilt models are sold as brand new and there warranty's are shorter (an average of two to four years.) Meaning more sales for them when you have to replace your system. Private label brands equal a higher profit margin for these company's'. We carry an array of central vacuums to give you a choice and not push our own brand down your throat. Bottom line that's just bad business! Don't' allow yourself to fall for a counterfeit vacuum!
To read more on private labeling of a central vacuum click here. More information to follow.

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