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Some Myths about True-Cyclonic Motors
Where Does The Dirt Go?

When it comes to a central vacuum and it's filtration, you will hear and read many different things.Dirty Cyclonic Motor The sole reason for filtration is to keep the dirt and debris away from the motor. Over-heating and eventually motor failure will occur when dirt and debris is broken up by the fan blades knocking the motor out of balance. Imagine running an air conditioner with no filter, or a pool motor without a cartridge filter. Dirt and debris/heat in the motor is the #1 cause of motor failure. A few manufacturers will try to get you to believe that vacuum motors in a cyclonic unit will last as long as others, or that the dirt that passes through a cyclonic motor will not effect anything. This information is simply not true.


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With all central vacuum motors, the electrical components are exposed. There is no "protection" from the dirt passing through. True-cyclonic vacuum units take the heavy dirt and drop it to the bottom of the canister/bucket while the leftover dirt, carpet fuzz, and hair vents directly through the motor. So you can imagine the amount of dirt and debris that will stick and stay on your central vacuum motor, carbon brushes and electrical components. How could this be a good thing for anyone? This is stated in their own brochures. Some say its 2-4% of actual debris travels through, we believe it's more than that.

More myths about the true-cyclonic central vacuum units are that they "never lose suction" or "have no filters". This information, along with the false "electrical components protected" information is again not true. True-cyclonic units have screens (I don't know about you but that sounds like a filter to us) that need to be cleaned often to maintain constant performance. To maintain this system properly it would require you to remove the bottom canister and reach up towards the motor and clean this "screen" with razorblade. The impacted dirt will fall on your head and clothes. Anyone with allergy concerns or asthma should not attempt to clean a true-cyclonic "screen".

Hopefully we have shed some light on true-cyclonic information. We don't want our customers to be mislead when reading false information on other internet sites. From years of being in this business selling and repairing central vacuums we consider ourselves an authority on the issue. You talk to a mechanic about car problems, right? We've seen it all, done it all, so why not trust the word of those who've been doing this for countless years.

Some central vacuum units that feature a cyclonic filtration are Imperium, Vacuflo and Vacumaid.

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