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Private Labeled Units...Warning!

Your Name HereWhen shopping or searching for a central vacuum unit you should be aware of vacuum units that are private labeled. A private labeled vacuum unit is basically a vacuum unit that someone puts a sticker on and tries to push very hard due to a higher profit margin. For example, this is the equivalent of us taking a sticker and slapping it on any vacuum, making "Imperial Vac",  "Empire Vacuum", "Tony's Vac" or some other fictitious name appear to be a real company. Anyone can put a crown on a vacuum and pretend to be a real company. There are a variety of problems that come with a private labeled unit ranging from warranty issues, difficulty with service, companies going out of business etc. You should ALWAYS deal with a real central vacuum company, a company that you can contact, not a company that simply applied their name to a vacuum. When you purchase a private labeled unit you will ALWAYS have to go back to that company, and ONLY that company for all warranty related issues. They'll try to re-sell you a factory refurbished, or repacked, or even a closeout or blemished unit that has an old possibly out of date warranty. We have also heard complaints from customers that they cannot have their private labeled unit serviced locally. Local dealers "simply will not touch" private labeled vacuums. Local dealers normally cannot get parts for these units and do not want to be responsible for any work that may violate the warranty agreement.

Buyer Beware

A company using a private label can easily change their name over night, leaving you stuck in the dark. As the old saying goes, here today. Gone tomorrow. With no one to look for, and no name brand to find, you will have no one to turn to. Make sure you're never left in the dark.
Stay away from private labels!


Many people also get stuck with a vacuum unit they cannot get replacement parts for once these "companies" go out of business. Being that no other companies carry these private labeled units, you are forced to go back to them for parts, bags, filters, hinges, motors etc. At this point you will have no other option but to pay their much higher prices for replacement parts. Once the company has gone out of business the customer is left stranded and often will have to replace the unit. These units often do not meet UL approval standards. We have also heard many horror stories about units that have caught homes on fire or caused other damage to a home. These so-called companies often do not have insurance or liability coverage and will not assist their customer in these events.

We at Thinkvacuums.com do not believe in private labeling any vacuum unit due to these reasons and more. We only deal with real, legitimate companies such as Nutone
, Honeywell, Drainvac, PowerStar, Airvac, Eureka,
, Dustcare, Walvac, Cana-Vac and others. These are REAL companies. Companies that you can contact via phone or visit online. This is not the case with a private labeled vacuum unit. You will NOT be able to go to their website for more information. You will NOT find an actual company under "Super Sucker 2000", but ONLY the company that sold it to you...assuming they're still open for business!

The only reason a company private labels a vacuum is to earn more money from an unsuspecting customer. They buy the blank unit for very cheap, put their label on it and hike up the price, so the price you pay is not relative to the quality of the product. These companies are well aware of the fact that you cannot shop this vacuum anywhere else, forcing you to pay whatever high price they give. There is of course a much higher profit margin for companies that sell their own private labeled line. Thinkvacuums.com would much rather give our customers more options so they are able to get the unit that best fits their needs and budget. Our customer service representatives will help guide you in the right direction, with many options and price levels. We are more concerned about our customers satisfaction then our profit margin, so Thinkvacuums.com will NEVER private label a vacuum.

In all honesty, a private labeled unit is nothing more than a fake company out to steal your money. You are forced to pay higher prices, because NO OTHER COMPANY will have their unit making it impossible to shop, and you'll try to be influenced by a pushy salesman. Secondly, if you ever need a replacement part you will be force to go back to the company where they control the pricing. You will undoubtedly be forced to pay higher prices for these parts and/or repairs. So don't become trapped! If your not sure about a company or unit, ask for that COMPANY'S (manufacturers) website and phone number. You may also contact Thinkvacuums.com for information regarding private labeled vacuum units.


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