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We would like to take a minute and explain why Consumer Magazines may be misleading at times, especially on the internet. Consumer Magazines may very well work great for customers looking for TV's, cars etc., but when it comes to the vacuum industry it couldn't be more far off. Giving ratings or judgments on a item that has yet to build a proven track record just does not make sense. These ratings are based on name recognition and price. If a vacuum has been on the market for a couple of months or less how can you properly rate it? Common sense will tell you that even us as experts with over 40 years of experience cannot properly rate a vacuum until it has built up some sort of track record and repair history.

Other websites may try to mislead you with claims of a central vacuum unit being a "Best Buy" and/or rated high by consumer magazines. One particular website points out that some Consumer Magazines rated the Eureka Central Vacuums a "Best Buy" in 2004. These units turned out to have major relay board, motor gasket, and tank gasket issues and as a result
are no longer being made!! All those poor people were misguided and took the trust of a report, only to find out later just how poor some of these units really were. Furthermore, the Beam
Model 2775 and AirVac Model BV2000 were also rated highest in their class and are also no longer being made.  How good of a buy could that unit have been if the company pulled it off the shelves in less than 4 years? Would you buy a car today just because it was rated "Best Buy" in 2004, which means it was tested in 2003? Probably not. With technology changes in what seems like every 6 months, our staff continually attend seminars and conventions to keep our customers up to date on TODAY'S best and newest central vacuum products.

We are a well respected dealer and represent more than 20 central vacuum manufacturers and consider ourselves experts in the central vacuum industry. We deal with many units that have been featured in Consumer Magazines as well as units that have never been rated. Our central vacuum ratings found on our comparison chart pages are considered among the most accurate and unbiased on the internet. When you are unable to touch and feel a vacuum unit it is important to find ratings you can trust, ratings created by central vacuum professionals.

We know what is important to a customer and our ratings are based on that. Power, quietness, filtration and warranty all go into our ratings as well as overall problems we may have experienced with certain units. When searching for a central vacuum unit, remember to ask our experienced, professional, knowledgeable and friendly staff who know the business and are waiting to help you.


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