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Broan Central Vacuums

Learn About Broan Central Vacuums

The success behind the Broan products lies in the balance between modern and traditional, all of them being lined up to the latest trends in their own industries while also staying true to the Broan tradition. The collection of central vacuum cleaners makes no exception. Thus, the Broan central vacuums have modern designs and innovative features that maximize their efficiency and convenience.

Broan central vacuums have a series of advantages that starts with maximum convenience and continues with increased power and low noise levels. All the units have a compact lightweight design, which makes them significantly easier to use than other central vacuum cleaners available on the market at the present moment. Moreover, they are complemented by a number of features that increase the convenience of the systems even further. For instance, some of the models of the Broan VX series feature status lights designed to inform the user on the maximum storage capacity of the debris pail being reached and therefore the need to empty it.

How Good is a Broan Central Vacuum?

However, these compact designs of the Broan central vacuums conceal power units three to five times more efficient than those of most upright vacuums which produce significantly less noise. This lower sound level finds justification not only in the design of the motors mounted on these central vacuums, but also in their being mounted outside the living area, more precisely in basements or garages. The choice of power units and their design only serves to prove that Broan aims to maintain a balance between the beauty of their appliances and their efficiency, thus meeting the expectations of their potential customers.

Finally, the filtration systems of these central vacuums are not only highly effective against dirt particles of all kinds but also integrated within the system so as to improve the quality of the indoor air and protect the user’s health as much as possible. Most vacuum cleaners spread the allergens and dust in the air instead of eliminating them completely, whereas the Broan central vacuum cleaners discharge them right outside. These filtration properties are given by an advanced filtration system and a HEPA one which act together against dust particles of microscopic sizes.

All these features of the Broan central vacuums are guaranteed, Broan offering some of the best warranties on the market for their products, namely limited lifetime ones. In other words, they guarantee a lifetime of convenience, reliability and power with their central vacuum cleaners manufactured according to the latest design and technical standards. Moreover, these central vacuum systems are all equipped with accessories and tools that enhance the quality of the vacuuming work even further, making them an excellent choice for users with all kinds of cleaning needs. Therefore, whether it is a model of the CX series or one of the VX series, a Broan central vacuum cleaner is a highly effective tool against allergens of all kinds regardless of the surface it may be used on or its application.

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