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  • Square Footage (Covers): 6000
  • 529.95

    Cana-Vac ES-625 5-Gallon System

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    Similarly to the Cana-Vac Ethos ES-525 and ES-625 models, the Cana-Vac Ethos CES-625 central vacuum cleaner is also guaranteed over a period of seven years, thus proving Cana-Vacs high level of commitment to its customers once more. Thus, it stands out as a reliable, durable as well as cost effective solution for cleaning any number of mid-size surfaces, staying true to the principles and objectives that Cana-Vac has built its reputation as a top vacuum cleaner manufacturer over the years.
    • Square Footage 6000
    • Waterlift 137.000
    • Max Air Watts 600.000
    • System Type Bagless
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    Important Maintenance Tips: Cana-Vac highly recommends changing your bags every 2-3 months to keep your vacuum running properly, don't forget to order your must haves and related items below.

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    Read about the Cana-Vac ES-625 5-Gallon System

    Cana-Vac ES-625 Power Unit  Unit Features:
    Usage: Normal
    Quiet Construction: Yes
    Dirt Bucket Capacity: 16L/4Gal
    Hybrid - Bag Filter or Bagless: Bagless
    Filtration Type: Micro-Filtration
    3-Pack Allergen Bags: Sold Separate
    Exhaust Muffler: Yes
    24V Remote On/Off Utility Valve: Yes
    Right or Left Side Intake Install: Yes


    Cana-Vac ES-625 Power Unit

    Cana-Vac ES-625Cana-Vac manufacturers have proven over the years that they pay close attention to the needs of homeowners everywhere and thus have always managed to address their needs in the most inspired way. Now they have won another bet with mid-sized home and condo owners by launching a brand especially for them, with the Cana-Vac Ethos ES-625 central vacuum cleaner among its attractions.

    Doing justice to the series it is part of, the Cana-Vac Ethos ES-625 central vacuum cleaner relies on a most inspired combination of components to achieve the highest quality standards with a highly performing Flow-Thru motor at the forefront. Preferred over the Tangential and Peripheral bypass motor options for cost effective reasons, the Flow-Thru motor specific to the Ethos series comes in a 5.7-inch version and responds to the weekly cleaning needs of mid-sized home and condo owners by generating 600 air watts and a water lift of 137 inches. Thus, it shares the level of performance reached by its predecessor, the Cana-Vac Ethos CES-625 central vacuum cleaner, while relying on the same filtered vacuum air for protection and increased durability purposes.

    However, unlike the Ethos CES-625, it is aimed at homeowners who tend to find bagless central vacuum cleaners more convenient than their bagged counterparts. To this end, it features a dirt container which can store up to 16 liters or 4 gallons of dust as it is collected by the highly efficient micro filtration system, also characteristic of the Ethos series launched by this manufacturer. Thus, the Ethos ES-625 central vacuum cleaner manages to ensure the highest levels of protection against all types of allergens homeowners are exposed to, whether standard or not, while scoring just as high in terms of convenience and ease of use. Moreover, the levels of convenience are consolidated by the quiet construction of this central vacuum cleaner, the Flow-Thru motor meeting the highest demands in terms of noise production, being accompanied by efficient muffler and motor insulation systems and protected by an insulated lid, all designed to lower the sound levels to a minimum for maximum comfort.

    The exhaust muffler, utility valve and side intake install features should also be mentioned as contributors to the overall quality and convenience of the Cana-Vac Ethos ES-625 central vacuum cleaner, following the same lines as most of the other models of the Cana-Vac Ethos series. Also, it should be mentioned that the three-pack allergen bags are also available separately as is the case with all the other bagless Ethos models.

    The Cana-Vac Ethos ES-625 central vacuum cleaner also manages to win the bet with time, being designed to keep up with the highest cleaning needs of its target audience for extended periods of time. Therefore, it is accompanied by a seven-year warranty which is bound to reassure homeowners that the Ethos ES-625 central vacuum cleaner is a cleaning solution for the long run, whether used for easy cleaning jobs or medium duty applications.

    Specifications of the Cana-Vac ES-625 5-Gallon System

    • Square Footage 6000
    • Waterlift 137.000
    • Max Air Watts 600.000
    • System Type Bagless
    • Product Warranty 7 years limited electrical, limited lifetime body and gaskets
    • Unit Size Option 4-Gallon
    • Capacity (Gallons) 4.00
    • Color Black
    • Product Width (Inches) 12.50
    • Product Height (Inches) 37.50
    • Product Length (Inches) 12.50
    • Visual Interface None
    • Filter Type Inverted
    • Filtration micro-filtration
    • Utility Valve? Yes

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