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  • Square Footage (Covers): 12000
  • 559.95

    Cana-Vac XES-725 7-Gallon System

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    Every industry has its giants and so does every line of vacuum cleaners launched by manufacturers in response to various needs of various types of homeowners. When it comes to the Ethos line launched by Cana-Vac, this giant is the Cana-Vac Ethos XES-725 central vacuum cleaner.As stated in the company policy, Cana-Vacs goal is to provide homeowners, the toughest critics, with superior central vacuum systems they can be proud of for years to come.
    • Square Footage 12000
    • Waterlift 140.000
    • Max Air Watts 700.000
    • System Type Bagless
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    Important Maintenance Tips: Cana-Vac highly recommends changing your bags every 2-3 months to keep your vacuum running properly, don't forget to order your must haves and related items below.

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    Read about the Cana-Vac XES-725 7-Gallon System

    Being the most recent addition to the Ethos line of central vacuum cleaners, all aimed at homeowners with average cleaning needs looking for the best price-quality ratio, the Cana-Vac Ethos XES-725 central vacuum cleaner stands out as the most powerful appliance of the series. While keeping the 5.7-inch Flow-Thru motor encountered with all its predecessors as an alternative to a less cost effective Tangential or Peripheral motor, this appliance performs better, generating 140 inches of water lift and as many as 700 air watts. However, it makes no exception as far as the reduced noise levels are concerned, featuring the same muffler and motor insulation systems, as well as the same insulated lid which all filter the noise produced by the motor during operation.

    The efficiency of the filtration system the Ethos XES-725 central vacuum cleaner uses is equally high. However, as opposed to the previous appliances within the Ethos series, which rely on micro filtration systems, this particular appliance fights allergens of all types down to the smallest sizes using HEPA membrane filters. Therefore, it leaves no room for doubt as far as the protection of homeowners is concerned. It should also be noted that the Cana-Vac Ethos XES-725 central vacuum cleaner is designed as yet another bag less appliance after the E-425, ES-525 and ES-625 models. Therefore, the traditional three-pack allergen bags are not provided with the appliance upon purchase either, as is the case with all the aforementioned appliances.

    As probably expected, the XES-725 central vacuum cleaner stands out as the giant of the series not only in terms of performance of both its motor and its filtration system, but also when it comes to its dimensions. In this context, it should come as no surprise that it is equipped with the largest dirt container. Its maximum capacity reaching as much as 28 liters or 7 gallons, it can collect up to 6 liters or 1 gallon of dust more than the Cana-Vac Ethos CES-625 central vacuum cleaner.

    Last but not least, the size and superior cleaning performance achieved by the Cana-Vac Ethos XES-725 central vacuum cleaner also draw an extended warranty. Thus, Cana-Vac provides a 10-year warranty on all electrical components on the purchase of this particular model, whereas the body and the gaskets are covered by a lifetime warranty. By doing so, this manufacturer proves once more that it aims at unparalleled reliability with all the central vacuum cleaners launched on the profile market and to meet the vacuuming needs of its customers everywhere as well as the highest quality standards for longer than any of its competitors within the industry.

    Specifications of the Cana-Vac XES-725 7-Gallon System

    • Square Footage 12000
    • Waterlift 140.000
    • Max Air Watts 700.000
    • System Type Bagless
    • Product Warranty 7 years limited electrical, limited lifetime body and gaskets
    • Unit Size Option 4-Gallon
    • Capacity (Gallons) 7.00
    • Color Black
    • Product Width (Inches) 15.50
    • Product Height (Inches) 38.50
    • Product Length (Inches) 15.50
    • Visual Interface None
    • Voltage 120
    • Amps 10
    • Decibels 73
    • Utility Valve? Yes

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