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  • Square Footage (Covers): 15000
  • 1099.95

    Cana-Vac XLS-970 7-Gallon System

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    As the manufacturer admits, the reputation Cana-Vac has built over the years is due to the quality this brand stands for. In an attempt to achieve outstanding performance levels and consolidate the brand in a top position on the profile market, Cana-Vac manufacturers have constantly combined new technologies over the years, proposing only hard-working central vacuum cleaners that last over time. The Cana-Vac Signature XLS-970 central vacuum cleaner makes no exception.
    • Square Footage 15000
    • Waterlift 147.000
    • Max Air Watts 675.000
    • System Type Hybrid
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    Important Maintenance Tips: Cana-Vac highly recommends changing your bags every 2-3 months to keep your vacuum running properly, don't forget to order your must haves and related items below.

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    Read about the Cana-Vac XLS-970 7-Gallon System

    The Cana-Vac XLS 9701 Power Unit Features
    Usage - Duty Cycle: Ultra Heavy Duty
    Quiet Construction: Yes
    Dirt Bucket Capacity: 28L/7Gal
    Hybrid - Bag Filter or Bagless: Hybrid
    Filtration Type: HEPA Membrane
    3-Pack Allergen Bags: Included
    Exhaust Muffler: Yes
    24V Remote On/Off Utility Valve: Yes
    Right or Left Side Intake Install: Left

    Cana-Vac XLS-970Cana-Vac XLS-970It could be said that the Cana-Vac Signature XLS-970 central vacuum cleaner comes as the ultimate confirmation to Cana-Vacs mission to score high in all areas of vacuuming, being the most recent addition to the Signature series. Consisting of heavy duty appliances designed to meet average and high cleaning demands on a daily basis, this series relies on Tangential motors to generate exquisite power and therefore exquisite cleaning results. The XLS-970 model is equipped with an 8.4-inch motor with impressive recommendations, namely a water lift of 147 inches and 675 air watts of suction power, thus standing out as the titan of its series. However, these parameters do not draw elevated noise levels as expected thanks to the already traditional cooling intake muffler which not only keeps the noise levels under control, but also minimizes the risk of overheating, thus extending the life expectancy of the Tangential motor.

    The Signature XLS-970 central vacuum cleaner breaks the patterns with its ultra-heavy duty design, from the massive power of its 8.4-inch motor to the retention capacity of its dirt container, which is set at 28 liters, i.e. 7 gallons, thus exceeding that of all its predecessors within the Signature series. It should be noted that this appliance is also a hybrid one, being equally efficient as either a bagged appliance or a bag less one. As it is customary with the central vacuum cleaners in this series, three-pack allergen bags are also available upon the purchase of an XLS-970 appliance.

    This leads us to the filtration system used with the Cana-Vac Signature XLS-970 central vacuum cleaner. However, it is only natural that an appliance with such characteristics be equipped with a top filtration system. Thus, it keeps the HEPA filters also encountered with the LS-550, LS-650 and LS-750 models, coming close to a perfect filtration performance with the certified 99.97% efficiency ratio against all particles measuring over 0.3 microns in size that has consolidated its leading position on the profile market.

    As expected, the manufacturers also kept the three additional components with the XLS-970 model, namely the exhaust muffler, the remote on/off utility valve and the side intake install for additional convenience. All in all, the Cana-Vac Signature XLS-970 central vacuum cleaner stands out as a complete cleaning solution designed to stand up to the challenges of the largest of surfaces and therefore to the greatest of cleaning needs. Moreover, it is designed to do so in the long run as confirmed by the accompanying 15-year warranty.

    Specifications of the Cana-Vac XLS-970 7-Gallon System

    • Square Footage 15000
    • Waterlift 147.000
    • Max Air Watts 675.000
    • System Type Hybrid
    • Product Warranty 15 Years Limited Electrical, Limited Lifetime Body and Gaskets
    • Unit Size Option 4-Gallon
    • Capacity (Gallons) 7.00
    • Color Blue
    • Product Width (Inches) 15.5
    • Product Height (Inches) 39.75
    • Product Length (Inches) 15.5
    • Visual Interface None
    • Filter Type Inverted
    • Filtration hepa
    • Utility Valve? Yes

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