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Microfiber Dust Mop

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Pet Hair Upholstery Tool

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Sale Price: $15.00

Shutter Blind Tool

Regular Price: $14.88
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Sale Price: $7.44

50' Foot Car & Garage Kit

Includes: 50-Foot Hose, Durable Round Dusting Brush, Slide on Upholstery Brush, Upholstery Tool, Crevice Tool, 2x 18" Wands, 14" Extra-Wide Floor Tool, Hose Hanger, Storage Tote, Bonus Bear Claw Tool

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Best Deal Ever!

New Duovac Air 10 and
Carpet Attachment Combo

As a special October promotion is introducing the powerful DuoVac Air-10 central vacuum total cleaning system, the Labor of Cleaning is finally OVER!

The DuoVac Air-10 comes packed with a powerful 694 air-watt motor and is capable of performing for homes up to 6,500 square feet. Backed by a True Life time warranty, the life expectancy of the DuoLife long lasting motor is 25 years. Its durable constructed metal housing is warrantied to be free of any manufacturing defects for the life of the product as well. This revolutionary warranty makes the DuoVac system a leading consumer choice for central power units. Compact in design, yet Ultra-Powerful, the Air-10 is able to collect 4.7 gallons of dirt and debris making the DuoVac Air-10 perfect for almost every installation.

Packaged together with the Ultra Deep-Cleaning electric power nozzle attachment kit makes this combo full of extraordinary savings! This carpet nozzle allows you to efficiently clean multiple levels of carpeting giving a professional groomed look. Included with this sensational attachment kit is a top of the line electric hose that is light weight, easy to maneuver, and its crushproof design allowing for years of reliability. The Ultra Deep-Cleaning attachment kit comes with: One metal telescopic wands, an ultra-soft dusting brush, upholstery tool, long crevice tool and smooth bare floor brush. Each kit also comes with a metal hose hanger, attachment storage bag and mountable wand holder for proper storage.

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Sale Price: $695.41

*Promotion is not retroactive.

Act fast! This offer is for a limited time only! Don’t forget to order your disposable bags and ActiVac II all-in-one filtered muffler system!

Buy Activac II Muffler Buy Air-10 Replacement Bags

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Drainvac - Best of the Industry

2017 Model About to Arrive

Specifications | Performance

Product Name -------- Drainvac "Python"
For Home Size -------- Up To 10,000 Sq. Ft.
Motor Type -------- Domel Tangential Bypass
Warranty Motor -------- 100% Lifetime Warranty
Warranty Casing -------- 100% Lifetime Warranty
Servicing -------- Lifetime Free Service
Accoustic Muffler -------- FREE (Included) Ultra Quiet
Dirt Capacity -------- Extra Large 9-Gallon
Amps & Volts -------- Max Amps 15.0 and 110 Volts
Motor Rating -------- Residential and Commercial
CFM -------- 150 - Up to 3-12 Inlets

This new Domel Motor is so Top Secret that we just learned about it's development recently. The all new European Domel Conical Base and Fan Motor was developed for high RPMs, longevity, and superior suction. The all new Domel Motor will be the benchmark for all central vacuum companies to follow. Nothing has been produced to beat this single motor.

Drainvac Leading the Central Vacuum Industry in Technology and Performance for over 35 Years.

The Leader of Central Vacuum Systems

State-of-the-Art Brand New Model
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Limited Qtys

Regular Price: $999.99Over 45% OFF!
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Summer Sale

Duovac Star Central Vacuum


Duovac Star "Silver Bullet"

  • New Duovac 2016/2017 Model
  • Super Powerful 806 Airwatt
  • "True" Lifetime Warranty
  • Easy to Install
  • Disposable Bag or Bagless
  • Aesthetically Pleasing
  • New Style Circuit Board
  • Anti-bacteria Filter
  • Brushed Aluminum
  • No Rusting | No Denting
  • Anti Corrosion Paint
  • Extra Large Capacity
  • Avg. Lifespan: 30 Years
  • Ultra Quiet Design
  • Ametek All Metal Motor
  • Trouble Free Technology
  • YOU SAVE $300+

Duovac - Best Bang for Your Buck

Regular Price: $949.00Sale Price: $699.00

Central Vacuum Attachment Sale


Turbo Kit III

Turbo Kit III w/ New Air-Driven TurboCat V - Excellent set of attachments for all types of surfaces. Great value at a great price.

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Vacubumper Information.
Include VacuBumper
Regular Price: $314.95
Sale Price: $219.00
Choose Kit Hose Size

The Villa Collection

The Villa Collection - Great for homes w/ bare floors and low, medium, or high pile carpeting with deep padding. Hose sock not included.

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Pig tail or direct connect example. Connection
Pig tail or direct connect example.
Include VacuBumper
Regular Price: $395.00
Sale Price: $295.00
Choose Kit Hose Size

Elite Premier

Elite Premier Attachment Kit - If you are looking for a top of the line set of attachments for your central vacuum, look no further!

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Pig tail or direct connect example. Connection
Pig tail or direct connect example.
Include VacuBumper
Regular Price: $599.95
Sale Price: $499.95
Choose Kit Hose Size
Choose Powerhead Color

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