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READ IMPORTANT If you have a Budd, Kenmore, Sears, or Vacuflo power unit, select your brand from the list below. These vacuum brands do NOT come standard with a 1.5" diameter hose end found on most other central vacuum systems.

Find a wide selection of Central Vacuum Hoses. There are three main types of central vacuum hoses; including Basic Hoses, Low-Voltage Hoses, and Electric Hoses. It is important when choosing a central vacuum hose that you know what type of inlet you currently have. Choose your brand of central vacuum below to be directed to the right hose for your system, or if you are unsure which vacuum hose will work best with your system, then view our Central Vacuum Hose Diagram.

Learn More About Central Vacuum Hoses:

Basic Central Vacuum Hose - A basic hose is designed to fit 99.9% of all central vacuum wall inlets today! The crush proof basic hose simply put is the most basic hose in the central vacuum industry. Also know as a straight suction hose just insert the end of the hose into the wall inlet and the metal connection on the end of the hose completes the low voltage circuit turning the central vacuum on. Read More About Basic Central Vacuum Hoses...

Low Central Vacuum Voltage Hose - A low voltage hose is a hose that consists of a thin series of low voltage wiring allowing total control of the central vacuum. Once the end of the hose is inserted into the wall inlet a metal band completes the circuit for a low voltage connection. Read More About Low Voltage Central Vacuum Hoses...

Electric Central Vacuum Hose - Electric central vacuum hoses were developed with a series of both
low voltage and high voltage wires integrated throughout the hose. The low voltage is to conduct a signal from the hose to the central vacuum system turning the central vacuum on. The 110 voltage is supplied to the hose via a pigtail cord or direct connect application on the wall end of the hose. Read More About Electric Central Vacuum Hoses...