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Ultra Platinum Hose Sock

New Ultra Platinum Hose Sock

30Ft. | 36Ft.

$39.95 | 49.95

New Platinum II Hose Sock
Cover It Right The First Time!

You Will Definitely Thank Us!! The ultra soft hose sock prevents scratches, dents, chips and scuff marks caused by your central vacuum hose rubbing against your stairs, banisters, walls, furniture, floors and more; all while protecting the hose itself as well. New 100% Color Fast Material - Color Never Bleeds

The new Platinum II hose sock is 50% more durable and now washable, with a blend of cotton and lycra which gives it enough elasticity to fit snuggly around the hose.

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30 ft. Sale Price: $39.95
36 ft. Sale Price: $49.95
40 ft. Sale Price: $54.95
50 ft. Sale Price: $59.95
Hose Size:

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Another Exclusive Value Added Service for Our Customers

Note: ThinkVacuums.com is dedicate to providing the ultimate customer service. Therefore, as a courtesy, when you purchase a hose and hose sock from us we will install it on your hose free of charge! However, some people will choose to order the hose sock seperately. When this happens, we know that it can be common to run into issues when attempting to install it without help. To help those customers, we have provided a step-by-step video to walk you through the process of installing your hose sock.

Before and after using a hose sock

#1 Complaint with Central Vacuum Hoses
They are difficult to manage & tangle constantly.
Don't Let This Happen To You!

A must for central vacuum hoses! Hose remains tangle free with a protective hose sock making it far more easy to use, easy to carry, easy to manage and easy to store. Aesthetically Pleasing.

Protect your investment!

New Anti-Static Material for Non-Sticking

Anti-Static Material That Doesn't Stick!

I Love My Hose Sock heart
Consumer Warning
Cheaper hose socks found on the market use a lower quality material and are rough, easily torn and don't provide a tight fit around the hose. They generally don't stand up to the average household abuse for more than 6 months. Pay for quality the first time!
New Bonus - Free Hose Hanger With Every Hose Sock
click here to see hose hanger in action This unique, multi-use, adjustable hose hanger is ideal for hanging all types of hoses such as central vacuums, garden, and pool hoses. The Hose Hanger is made of heavy-duty washable nylon that is mold, mildew, and moisture resistant. It features a strong tangle-free hold. With it's light yet durable design, the Hose Hanger can be used for both storing and carrying your hose around.
Another Thinkvacuums.com Exclusive Offer!
Want to protect your new hose? Hose Socks are the best way to protect both your hose and your walls and furniture

Installing the Ultra Platinum Hose Sock - Cover it Right the First Time!

Installing the Ultra Platinum Hose Sock

Ultra Platinum Hose Sock Video

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Soft nylon bristles w/ dusting brush. Use: Bookshelves, counter tops, etc.

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