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VacPan Stainless Steel Face Plate

The VacPan Stainless Steel Plates flush mount and help to streamline decor

Stainless Steel Plates for VacPan Automatic Dustpan help fill in toe kick area to blend better with your installation and decor. The Stainless SteelPlate not only blends better but, hides or covers installation screws and may be cut to fit any excess install measurements or errors. Stainless Steel Plates look great and install easy with just screws and a screwdriver.

VacPan Stainless Steel Face Plates

VacPan Brushed
Stainless Steel Face Plate

Now You Can Match your VacPan to Your Appliances
QuickTrim plate will
enhance your VacPan to match your decor. Allows installation using a cut out up to 10.5" X 4" in size. Great for retro-fit installations. Very durable & hides installation screws. Easy To Install For VacPans Only

Stainless Steel Face Plates Only for VacPan

Price $14.95


Before and After Install View of VacPan Stainless Steel Face Plates

Features & Benefits

Enhances your VacPan to match decor

Allows installation using a cut out up to 10.5" x 4" in size

Great for retro-fit installations - Very Durable

Hides Installation Screws

No Tools Required

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VacPan Stainless Steel Face Plates AlternativeQuickTrim for (VacPan)
VacPan Inlet Valve System used with Stainless Steel Cover Plates

  • Enhances your VacPan to match decor

  • Great for retro-fit installations

  • Hides Installation Screws

  • VacPan NOT Included

Sale Price

VacPan Repair Kit

(VacPan) Repair Kit

Comes in Black, White, Ivory
Click for Quick Repair Instructions

Price $9.95

 Choose Color

Are You Looking for VacPan, VacPan II and VacuSweep?

VacPan Original

Automatic VacPan Original

Automatic Dustpan - Perfect for Any Central Vacuum

  • Sweep Inlet Valve

  • Flush Mount

  • Available in White, Black, and Ivory

  • Stainless Steel Faceplate Sold Separately

  • Top Loading Hose Design

  • Installs Out-of-Sight under toe-kick

  • Uses: Bathroom, Kitchen, Hallways, Mudrooms, Laundry Rooms, and any other room where you don't want to lug around that bulky central vacuum hose!

VacPan Original
Automatic Dustpan

Price $29.74


Choose Color:

VacPan II Dual Function

VacPan II Dual Function Inlet Valve System

Automatic Dustpan - Perfect Companion for Any Central Vacuum

  • Dual function-sweep inlet/hose inlet

  • Mounts in wall at floor level

  • No need for a bulky central vacuum hose

  • Automatic Dustpan - No more hands and knees

  • Uses: Bathroom, Kitchen, Hallways, Mudrooms, etc.

VacPan II
Automatic Dustpan

MSRP: 69.95
Price $41.74



VacuSweep Automatic Dustpan

Automatic Dustpan - Great Companion for Any Central Vac

  • Just sweep debris into the inlet mouth

  • Dirt is whisked away

  • Contemporary styling leaves no gaps when not in use


Price $38.24
Choose Color:

VacPan Stainless Steel Plate - Close Detailed View

Close-up Large View of Stainless Steel Kick Plates for VacPan Automatic Dustpans

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