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Upright Vacuum Bumper - UB-04STD

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Manufacturer VacuBumper
Model# UB-04STD
Length 30"-36"
Size Standard
Bumper Type Upright
Enclosed -36" Upright Vacuum Bumper
-Two Alcohol Wipes
-One 12" Hook Adhesive Strip
-Two 10" Hook Adhesive Strips
-Detailed Installation Instructions

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About the Upright Vacuum Bumper - UB-04STD

The Upright Vacuum Bumper - UB-04STD by VacuBumper measures 30"-36" in length and is considered the standard size of upright vacuum bumpers.

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The Upright Vacuum Bumper - UB-04STD adjusts to fit vacuums of all shapes and sizes. This bumper, made by VacuBumper, protects baseboards, furniture, walls and vacuum from scuff-marks, dents, and damage. It's snug custom fit stays firmly attached so your vacuuming will not be interupted by having to reattach the bumper. Purchasing this bumper will allow you to vacuum quickly without having to slow down around walls, furniture, woodwork, etc.

Any Power Head(s) Pictured are Sold Separately

Installation Instructions

Installing the VacuBumper is as easy as can be. First, gather all of the adhesive hook strips provided and then cut them to the size of your canister vacuum using a basic pair of scissors, then, simply stick them on the appropriate spots. Once this is done, grab the bumper, center it on your vacuum powerhead or floor brush, gently stretch it, and attach the bumper to the front and sides of the vacuum canister. Once this is finished, you are ready for safe vacuuming!

Care Instructions

There are a few ways to clean your VacuBumper. A common issue with this bumper is that, if you have a pet, naturally, your pet's hair will latch onto the bumper. There is a simple fix for this. Simply take off the bumper and vacuum it with attachment, wipe the bumper down with a rubber glove, or you can just use a lint brush. All of these methods are equally fast and good. However, on occasion, you might want to go the extra mile and clean your VacuBumper till it's like brand new. In order to do this, simply throw the bumper into the wash with hot water, wash it as you would any other towel, then put it out to air dry as to not damage it.

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