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Electrolux CS3500
Electrolux CS3500

Electrolux CS3500 Attachment Kit

35 Ft. Hose
No Sock Included
Sale Price: $494.99

New 35' Hose (Sock Sold Separately)
Ergonomic Hose Handle w/ Full Swivel
1-3/8" Interior Diameter for 27% More Air Flow
Ultra Light Crushproof Design
1-3/8" Hose DC or Pigtail
Q Series Power Brush
14" Wide Cleaning Path
Integrated Quick Release Powerhead
Chevron Brush Roller - Dual Edge Cleaning
3-Pos Ht. Adjustment - Over Molded Bumper and Wheels
Bright LED Headlamp

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Electrolux Attachment Kits: CS3000 Quiet Clean | CS3500 Quiet Clean

Electrolux CS3500

Sale Price: $494.99
Hose Size: 35Ft. Connection: Click this image to see which connection you need

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Include the Recommended
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Include the Recommended
Protective Hose Sock?
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About Electrolux CS3500 Attachment Kit

Electrolux has launched two attachment kits on the market to maximize the cleaning efficiency of their central vacuum cleaners. Initially associated with the Beam Q series of vacuum cleaners distributed under Electrolux, the two include a large selection of cleaning attachments, being differentiated by the hose lengths, which are set at 30 and 35 feet. Thus, homeowners can choose between the Electrolux CS3000 attachment kit and the Electrolux CS3500 attachment kit for a complete cleaning experience.

Also known as the Electrolux Quiet Clean CS3500 attachment kit, this set includes one of the most silent power heads currently available on the vacuuming market, which gives it a significant advantage over many other similar offers. 14 inches wide and designed to automatically adjust to three different floor heights for a more continuous vacuuming experience, this component has proved on countless occasions that it is a good investment. Moreover, its efficiency on a variety of floors, from wood to laminate surfaces or carpets due to the brush it is equipped with and the dual edge cleaning technology it uses, is complemented by a very convenient ease of motion due to a set of rubber rear wheels as well as by an equally useful set of LED headlights for easier access in areas with lower visibility. This feature can also be encountered with other accessories included in the Electrolux CS3500 attachment kit.

Additional mobility and ease of use are also provided by the lightweight 35 feet long hose and the integrated telescopic wand provide with this kit. Designed to withstand shocks and also protected by a padded zipped hose sock, the former features a 360-degree swivel and a three-way switch for more convenience and controls both the unit and the power head. It should also be noted that the kit includes a hose cuff which allows the transition from direct connect to pigtail inlets and the other way around. Finally, the design of the hose allows the storage of all attachments within reach for additional time effectiveness, an aim which is also revealed by the quick release design of the telescopic wand. Also equipped with a swivel head for easier maneuverability, this component allows a very fast switch from cleaning floors to cleaning crown moldings.

In fact, the Electrolux CS3500 attachment kit provides solutions in a variety of cleaning situations, whether it involves specialized or general cleaning tasks. The challenges of cleaning crevices, for instance, are addressed through a 13 inches long crevice tool, whereas those of cleaning upholstery can be handled very easily and efficiently using the upholstery tool included in the kit. A 14-inch hard floor brush is also available with this attachment kit so that the hassle of cleaning of laminate surfaces, wood floors and tile floors is reduced to a minimum.

Designed to provide solution to a varied number of vacuuming problems, the Electrolux CS3500 attachment kit is provided with a three-year warranty on all the parts included in it and a one-year labor warranty as well. Thus, it is also a long-term recommendation for an easier and improved overall cleaning experience.

Electrolux CS3500 Features

The Quiet Clean Attachment Kit #CS3500

  • Q Series Power Brush - 14" Wide Cleaning Path
  • Poly-V No-Stretch Belt - LED Headlamp
  • Chevron Brush Roller - Dual Edge Cleaning
  • 3-Position Height Adjustment - Over-molded Bumper and Wheels
  • Integrated Quick Release Powerhead
  • Quick Release Telescopic Wand
  • Lightweight Crushproof 1-3/8" Hose (Direct Connect or Pigtail)
  • Ergonomic Hose Grip w/ Full Swivel
  • 14" Hard Floor Brush
  • Dusting Brush & Crevice Nozzle (Store in handle)
  • Upholstery Nozzle - 1.25" Tool Converter
  • Hose Hanger / Rack
  • 3 Year Parts / 1 Year Warranty

Area Rugs, Low, Medium to High Pile Carpet

Wood, Parquet, Tile, Linoleum, & Vinyl

Floor types for premier central vacuum attachment kits
Electrolux CS3500

(Click Image To See Connections)

Important Reminder:
Order a VacuBumper to protect your walls.

Exclusive Offer:
We value your business. With your purchase of this attachment kit we will include a complimentary protective hose sock cover.

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