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Chateau Collection III

Sale Price: $414.00

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New 30 or 36 Ft. Electrical Hose With Dual Switching Handle & 360 Degree Swivel With 1-3/8" Interior Diameter for 27% More Air Flow
Ultra Light Crushproof Design
New German Engineered Premier 850 Electric Power Nozzle
Automatic Shut-Off with Reset Button
Bright Fluorescent Headlight
Automatic Height Adjustment
FREE Platinum Washable Hose Sock
Important...don't forget to order your VacuBumper!

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Chateau Collection III

Sale Price: $414.00
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Chateau Collection III

The Chateau Collection III Premium Attachment Kit is one of the finest central vacuum attachments on the market today. When you purchase this attachment kit, you will be purchasing not only the finest quality attachments, carpet head, bare floor brush, and hose, but we at Thinkvacuums.com have a full array of replacement parts and we offer free maintenance once a year of your power head. Just send it back to us and pay for the shipping and handling. We will tune it up, clean it out, shine it up, and get it back in tip top shape. This offer is only offered by Thinkvacuums.com when you purchase from us.
If you have any further questions, please call us at 800.322.2965. This attachment kit is one of the owners favorite choices.

What's lurking in your carpeting,
bedding and upholstery?

The pesky Dust Mite...

Pulls Out Dirt, Allergens & Dust Mites From
Carpeting As Well As Bare Floors!

German Built Chateau Collection III

Fresh Air with the Central Vacuum Chateau Collection A central vacuum cleaner is not worth much without its accessories or attachments because they are the weapons to be used in the fight against dust, pet hair and so on. Therefore, the better the attachments, the better the performance achieved by the vacuum cleaner. The central vacuum Chateau Collection is that set of attachments that can help one achieve the maximum cleanliness standards. Also made by the Germans, just like the Villa Collection, the accessories in this set eliminate all the factors that may affect the cleaning results aimed.

The overall performance of a system is determined by the powerhead. The one supplied within the Chateau Collection meets the standards, being very easy to maneuver and very powerful. The rotating neck allows one to use the vacuum cleaner around pieces of furniture and in other more delicate places around the house. In fact, the pieces of furniture around the house cannot pose any problems if the user has the right equipment at their disposal and in this case they do. The low profile, the swivel neck and the wand take care of all the dust and dirt that may rest around or under them. Once they are done there, they can move on to the dust and dirt in the rest of the house. The transition from one type of floor to another is very smooth thanks to the four rubber wheels and the protection of the surfaces is guaranteed. The squeegee on the bottom of the powerhead does its job perfectly on bare floors.

The integrated telescopic wand is extremely convenient, but also really time effective. Moreover, it is one of the smoothest telescopic wands available today. With a quick disconnect end ideal for making adjustments, this accessory is double action. The central vacuum cleaner does not work if the wand is not connected to power. As for the hose, this is a pig tail hose which can easily be converted to match electrical inlet valves.

These are the central components of the central vacuum Chateau Collection, but the package includes many more accessories and attachments intended to maximize the cleaning potential of a vacuum cleaner. The EBK 340 powerhead, the telescopic wand and the plastiflex hose are accompanied in their attempt to ensure the best cleaning quality by a bare floor brush with a cleaning path of 13 inches, two plastic wands, an elongated dusting brush, the traditional upholstery and crevice tools designed for detail cleaning, a clip-on tool caddy and a mesh tool bag for storing and carrying the tools, a wand clamp for mounting on the wall and, finally, a hose hanger which comes in very handy when the hose is not in use.

All in all, the central vacuum Chateau Collection includes a series of accessories and tools that relieve the user from any kind of pressure vacuuming may exercise on them. There is a right tool for every single cleaning requirement, so this is the attachment kit one needs if they want to obtain exceptional cleaning results.  

Learn More About The WesselWerk Chateau Collection III

Equally important to the central vacuum you choose are the cleaning accessories and most importantly, the electric powerhead since this has the biggest impact to your overall system performance. We recommend this kit for your system. German engineering and quality, a delight to use, this powerhead is a sure favorite. Highly maneuverable, it actually steers around furniture and other obstacles thanks to a 180-degree swivel neck design. vacuuming under furniture is made easy with its low profile and the wand's ability to lay flat thanks to a 90-degree pivot neck. Soft rubber wheels located on the back and front of this powerhead allow for optimal performance on various carpet surfaces while also making the transition from carpet to hard flooring. Another important feature of this powerhead is the squeegee on the bottom, which will do a superior job of cleaning up great on your bare floors. Visibility is enhanced with the addition of a high intensity headlight and lens for optimal illumination. And unlike conventional incandescent bulbs which use a filament and burn out with vibration, this does not use a filament so bulb longevity is preserved. The implementation of a quick release from the wand to the powerhead allow quick floor tool changes and a finger saver from the hose to wand allow above floor accessory changes effortlessly on the fly. Whisper quiet operation and fiberglass reinforced geared belt drive offer the best in performance and longevity. Lab tests show it successfully recovers as much as 92.9% of debris compared to 85.5% from its closes competitor.

Features of the Chateau Collection

Ergonomic Handle Ergonomic Handle
Handle permits you to grip at several points on the handle to match where and how you want to clean. A full 360 degree swivel eliminates  wrist strain, stops kinking, and increases hose life.
Universal Brush Universal Brush
Soft nylon bristles with versatile elongated dusting brush that will
change the way you dust.
14" Wood Floor Brush 14" Wood Floor Brush
Natural soft bristle 14" wide brush is ideal for wood floors. Easy roll, non marking and gentle for your expensive floors. Good for wood, tile or marble.
Long crevice tool Long Crevice Tool
Super long crevice tool cleans hard-to-reach places.
Clipped end provides continuous air flow.
Upholstery Tool Upholstery Tool
Cleans upholstery with ease with built-in lint brush.
Deluxe Hose Hanger Deluxe Hose Hanger
Heavy duty ultra deluxe hose hanger.

Chateau Collection III Includes These Attachments

  • New 30 or 36 Ft. Electrical Hose With Dual Switching Handle & 360 Degree Swivel With 1-3/8" Interior Diameter for 27% More Air Flow
  • Ultra Light Crushproof Design
  • New German Engineered Premier 850 Electric Power Nozzle
  • Automatic Shut-Off with Reset Button
  • Superior Edge Cleaning
  • Bright Fluorescent Headlight
  • Automatic Height Adjustment
  • New Ultra Soft Dust Mop Tool
  • 14" Wood Floor Brush
  • Heavy Duty 12 Inch Crevice Tool
  • Dusting Brush With Horse Hair
  • Upholstery Tool
  • 2 Plastic Long Extension Wands
  • Telescopic Wand w/ Cord Management
  • FREE Platinum Washable Hose Sock
  • Snap On Tool Caddy
  • Attachment Storage Bag
  • Deluxe Hose Hanger
  • Important...don't forget to order your VacuBumper!
  • Protect your walls. A must for your carpet head.
  • Thinkvacuums.com exclusive offer. We value your business. With your purchase of this attachment kit we will include a complimentary protective hose sock cover.
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Hot Water Shampoo Kit - Shampoo Carpets • Upholstery Cleaning • Wet Spills Wash Your Car interior • Hard Floor Cleaning Freezer Washing • Snow Slush from Garage Unclog Blocked Sinks and much more... 30' Durable Crush Proof Hose Compliment Your Central Vacuum With This Shampoo Kit

Sale Price

Chateau Collection III product layout of all parts including crevice tool, hoses, dust mop and other items. Chateau Collection III - 30ft/36ft Electrical Crushproof Hose w/ Swivel Handle, Auto Shut Off, Edge Cleaning, Power Nozzle, Auto Height Adjustment, Hose Sock, Tool Caddy, 12" Crevice Tool, Dust Mop Tool... Pig tail or direct connect example. Connection Vacubumper info. Include VacuBumper Choose Hose Size
Estate Attachment Kit - 15" Power Nozzle, 30ft/36ft Crushproof Hose, Stair Cleaning Tool, 19" Dust Mop, 24" Crevice, Hose Sock, Metal Telescopic Wand, 2 Long Extension Poles, 10" Bare Floor Brush... Pig tail or direct connect example. Connection Pig tail or direct connect example. Include VacuBumper Choose Hose Size Choose Color
Garage kit with hoses and tools. Deluxe Car & Garage Vacuum Kit - 30ft. Orange Crush Proof Hose, Round Dusting Brush w/ Tough Extra Long Nylon Bristles, Upholstery Tool, Crevice Tool, Hose Hanger, Mesh Caddy Bag, BONUS - Free Gift... 30 Foot Orange Crushproof Hose
30 foot crushproof hose garage vacuum Price Only:
Ultra deluxe care and garage kit with crushproof hose and additional accessories. Ultra Deluxe Car & Garage Vacuum Kit - 50ft. Crush Proof Hose, Dusting Brush, Upholstery Brush, Upholstery Tool, Crevice Tool, Curved wand w/ Cuff & Full Swivel 2 18" Straight Wands, 14" Floor Tool... 50 Foot Orange Crushproof Hose
50 foot crushproof hose garage vacuum Price Only:

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