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Central Vacuum Bags

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Central Vacuum Bags do an excellent job of holding months of vacuumed dirt and other unwanted hair and debris for later disposal in an easy to manage container. We sell branded vacuum bags & replacement bags for your central vacuum system. Shop Bags by Manufacturer including PurVac, DuoVac, DrainVac, Cana-Vac, AirVac, NuTone and more. You may also like to view a complete list of All Central Vacuum Bags that we carry. If you are unsure which bag will work best for your system, or need extra assistence, call us today at 1.800.322.2965. We're here and more than happy to help!

Central Vacuum Bags

A proper central vacuum bag and central vacuum filter allow you not to see everything you've vacuumed over the past months. With a central vacuum bag and central vacuum filter the incoming suction carries dirt, dust, and debris from all vacuumed surfaces... including the air around you. The dirt is then separated from the air with a paper or cloth central vacuum bag and exhausted through your vacuum filter. By allowing the combination of your vacuum bag and exhaust filter to filter the air and capture debris at the same time, it increases the life of your motor and releases relatively cleaner air. Other [cyclonic] central vacuum options fail to include a vacuum bag but, a bagged system is the most clean and hygienic way to vacuum.

Paper Central Vacuum Bags

These type of central vacuum bags eliminate mold spores, bacteria and fungi from growing. No cleaning of the canister is required and there will be no dust in your face upon dumping. A paper central vacuum bag is rated as the best form of protection for allergy sufferers which also eliminates foul odors and filters indoor air while vacuuming. Central vacuum bags are also recognized as the initial line of defense in protecting your motor. With no mess and no hassle, it will only take you 20 seconds to change your paper central vacuum bag.

Cloth Central Vacuum Bags

Many cloth bags offer HEPA Teflon filtration. This is the most technologically advanced filtration on the market. For the best filtration, it is recommended that a HEPA Filter be used together with a cloth central vacuum bag. Don't forget, using a cloth central vacuum bag along with a solid central vacuum filter will offer the best performance and protection from dirt, dust, pet dander, lice, fleas & their eggs, hair, dead insects, dead skin, spiders, roaches, rotten food particles, bacteria, germs, allergens and other lung damaging particles.

Changing Your Central Vacuum Bags

It is IMPORTANT to change your central vacuum bag once or twice a year. This will ensure proper filtration and keep you and your family free from contact of dust mites and nasty bed bugs or other harmful allergy laden waste. Again, it's just that easy, changing your central vacuum bag can be done in under 20 seconds!

Bag vs. Bagless Central Vacuum Systems

If you choose not to go with a disposable central vacuum bag system, you'll have to handle many things collected such as household dirt, hair, sand, skin flakes, dust mites, pollen, bacteria, carpet fibers, smells, as well as, other lung damaging particles such as mildew, rotting food particles & pet dander.

You may also have such things as dead bugs, dead spiders, dead ants, dead lizards, etc. You get the idea! Bottom line, central vacuum bags are more hygienic.