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Beam 275C

Beam 275C
Power unit


  • Waterlift: 140
  • Airwatts: 600
  • CFM: 125
  • Decibels: 66
  • Capacity: 4 Gallon

Beam 275C Power unit

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Beam 275C Central Vacuum:

The ideal choice for larger single-level or multi-level home with remarkable power and a large receptacle.

  • Venting Option
  • Built-in Utility Inlet
  • Programmable Logic Controller
  • Self-Cleaning Filter from the Inventors of GORE TEX® Fabric

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Beam 275C

Authorized Beam Dealers are only allowed to ship Beam products within 100 mile radius of their location. Beam is a registered trademark of Electrolux Home Care Products Ltd. Thinkvacuums.com is not a licensed dealer nor affiliated with Beam products, however we offer compatible replacement tools and accessories for your Beam unit.
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Beam 275 Central Vacuum

The Beam central vacuum cleaners are recognized to be great value for money, regardless of the collection they belong to. Every collection of Beam central vacuum systems is set apart by a large number of qualities, no matter how basic or advanced the appliances may be. The Beam Line series is the perfect example of a promising and persuasive collection of central vacuum cleaners with just a few advanced but innovative features. The Beam 275C central vacuum cleaner is the mid-sized model, whose introduction on the market followed that of the 225C model and preceded that of the more advanced 295C one.

The Beam 275C central vacuum cleaner is a two-stage motor appliance which generates enough power to remove all harmful particles over a 7,000 square feet surface. The first vacuum of the series only generated enough power to clean a 3,500 square feet surface. With this product, the particles are controlled by 600 air watts, 125 cubic feet of airflow per minute and a 140-inch waterlift, all generated by a 14.5 amp and 120 V motor. As for the accessories, it is fitted with a six-foot power cord and it features a control module with a manually operated switch.

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Other Beam central vacuum cleaners have a motor venting filter, but the ones in the Beam Line series do not. These vacuums are only protected by the self-cleaning HEPA filter, which has a weight that determines its action depending on whether the appliance is running or not. This filter proposed by Gore Tex protects not only the motor of the 275C vacuum but its user too, HEPA filtration being a top recommendation for people who have asthma or allergic reactions. The contents of the self-cleaning filter are discharged into the window dirt receptacle upon the shutdown of the central vacuum cleaner, a dirt receptacle whose storage capacity is four gallons maximum.

Additional Information Regarding the Beam 275 Central Vacuum

There may be no motor venting filter with the Beam 275C central vacuum cleaner, but it has a venting option. It also has an automatic logic controller and a built-in utility valve. These are all available with the other two vacuum cleaners of the Beam Basic line as well. Moreover, they all have the ATLIS intake technology in common.

The parts and labor of the 275C power unit are secured for seven years after the purchase date. In fact, this is the warranty period with all three models of the Beam Basic series. This guarantee shows that these products are resistant and therefore reliable. Moreover, they are highly convenient and easy to use. The dimensions of the 275C central vacuum cleaner are eloquent. This vacuum cleaner whose diameter is set at eleven inches and whose height is set at forty-two inches weighs only thirty-one pounds, so its practicality and convenience are undisputable. All in all, the Beam 275 central vacuum cleaner is a well-designed and cost effective appliance which stands up to the expectations of users everywhere and to those of its manufacturer as well.

Care and Maintenance for the Beam 275

Your Beam Built-in Vacuum comes with a lifetime limited warranty (see complete warranty details elsewhere in this pamphlet). It will give you a lifetime of trouble-free service by following some simple guidelines:

  • Motor never needs lubrication. Bearings are permanently sealed and lubricated.
  • Motor brushes should be checked by your authorized Beam dealer after 500 hours of use.
  • Power unit can be dusted off with a clean, soft cloth. Caution: do not use liquid cleaners or water as an electrical shock may occur.
  • The Beam 275 is not to be tamperd with. Do not place anything on top of power unit as this could restrict cooling air to the motor, causing the motor to overheat.
  • Do not attempt to pick up anything that will not go through the cleaning tool or hose end. Do not use the system to pick up construction debris.
  • Do not attach anything else to the system’s electrical power source. Be sure that a properlysized protected circuit is used for your unit’s electrical requirements. Consult your authorized Beam dealer for the correct size.
  • After removing the hose from the inlet, hold the inlet door open for a few seconds to help clear dirt from the vacuum tubing and make sure the power unit has been turned off.
  • To ensure proper cleaning, use only one inlet at a time.
  • If service is ever required, have it performed by your authorized Beam dealer.

Filter maintenance for the Beam 275

Beam’s exclusive filter is permanent and selfcleaning. However, if cleaning is desired, just follow these five easy steps:

  1. Remove the dirt receptacle.
  2. Wrap a large plastic trash bag around the lower portion of the power unit, holding it firmly in place.
  3. Grasp the sewn-in weight at the bottom of the filter through the bag (as shown) Shake vigorously Dirt will
    drop into bag.
  4. Carefully remove the plastic bag from the unit. Then empty the dirt receptacle into the bag, as well.
  5. place the dirt receptacle on the power unit. Remember, any dirt that is spilled can be easily vacuumed by attaching the hose to the utility inlet and activating the power unit with the manual switch.


With Beam, you can rest easy.


Lifetime limited warranty

The Beam power unit body and filter are warranted for as long as you own your home. Motor and electrical components are warranted for ten years on the Beam Serenity® QS and seven years on the Beam. Hoses, attachments and accessories are warranted for three years except for consumables such as light bulbs and belts. Ask your Beam dealer for complete warranty details.

Vacuum cleaners used for commercial purposes, except for their motors, will be warranted for a period of six (6) months from the date of purchase. The motors of commercially used upright vacuums will be warranted for one (1) year and the motors of all other commercially used vacuum cleaners will be warranted for two (2) years. Thereafter this Limited Warranty shall be null and void.

This warranty only applies while the product remains within the United States, and shall be null and void in any other US territories, possessions, or foreign countries.

90-day money-back guarantee

If you, the original purchaser, are not satisfied with the performance of your new Beam system within the first 90 days from the date of purchase, your dealer will remove the power unit and refund your money. The 90-day money-back guarantee applies to new and complete installations only.

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