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Benefits of a Central Vacuum

Central vacuums: Stuff you probably didn't know...

Central vacuums are more like a whole house cleaning system - they improve the air quality, reduce noise pollution, minimize the physical effort, all while providing superior cleaning power for your floors and living space. Most people don't give much thought to vacuuming their carpets. But what if with the same effort, or even less, you could improve the overall health and quality of your living environment?

Affordable, Powerful & Quiet

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A Good Investment

Central vacuums are more affordable than you think. Increase the resale value of your home without investing much more than the cost of a portable vacuum. They can be easily installed in less than a day.

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There are so many advantages of owning a central vacuum, ease of use being a big one.

They are a simple and effective way to remove dust, dirt and other allergens away from your home.

In 2002, the Division of Allergy and Immunology at the University of California, Davis, conducted a clinical study that proved a link between central vacuum systems and allergy relief.

Central vacuums are great for people suffering from asthma and allergies

Why central vacuums are becoming more popular

Price - nowadays, central vacs can fit anyone's budget.
Air Quality - eliminates dust particles as well as odors in the living area.
No Noise Pollution - you literally don't hear anything.
Installation - easy to plan, easy to do. CV's can be installed in any home, new or existing, in practically one day.

Maneuverability & Convenience

How long should a Central Vacuum Last?

central vacuum longevity

Central vacuums typically last forever.
Typically, most central vacuums come with a lifetime warranty onthe unit. There's very little, if any, maintenance needed.No need to bring your vacuum into repair shops anymore.

Central vacuums actually purify the air.

Air purifying chart for central vacuums

Deeper Cleaning Power
Central vacuums are 5 times more powerful than upright or canister vacuums. They pull more dirt & dust out of the house. Fact: Allergies affect about 38-40% of all Americans, and about 56-60% live in a home in which one member has allergies.

Central Vacuums - Silence is Golden

central vacuums - silence is golden

Quieter by Design
With the power unit mounted in the basement, garage or utility area, the noise is away from your living area. Optional power units or mufflers allow you to reduce noise even more.

Central vacuums are becoming the new and hottest trend in homes today.

central vacuums are the hottest trend today

Innovation and Technology
Canada leads the way in the central vacuum installation base but the United States will quickly be catching up. Homeowners are realizing the benefits of having one. Central vacuums are the hottest trend among builders today.

These charts are based on independent studies and have approximate values. Some may vary slightly.

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