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DuoVac Distinction Power Unit

Sale Price: $1395.00

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Model # Distinction  
Square Footage (Covers): Up to 12,000 sq.ft.
Max Airwatts Suction Power: 1177
Airflow (cfm) | Waterlift: 106 | 210
Max Amps: 13.0
Warranty: Lifetime/ 25 /5 Year 100% Labor
Diameter: 13"
Height: 34"
Capacity: 9.6 Gallons  
Volts: 220v

DuoVac Distinction

Sale Price: $1395.00

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DuoVac Distinction

DuoVac Distinction Power UnitNEMA 6 15P Outlet

The All New DuoVac Distinction, Model No. DIS-200-NA-D, brings the awesome force of a dual motor design back into Duovac Central Vacuums. DuoVac has introduced a variety of innovations over the past forty-five years since their appearance on the market in 1967 in an attempt to offer a distinctive cleaning experience. And indeed, they have managed to do that with their central vacuum cleaners which stand out through their power and versatility. The DuoVac Distinction central vacuum cleaner is a perfect example of the quality standards DuoVac tries to reach on the vacuuming market.

Designed to stand up to the cleaning challenges of commercial spaces, the DuoVac Distinction central vacuum cleaner is equipped with a top of the line tangential Domel motor which produces no less than 1,100 air watts. However, the noise is kept within reasonable limits thanks to the built-in silencing chamber. A water lift of 210 inches and an airflow of 106 cubic feet per minute add to the suction power produced by this dual motor to ensure an unparalleled cleaning performance in a variety of spaces.

The filtration system also contributes to this distinctive cleaning experience. This is a Duo-Fiber Quick system designed to last over time despite operating at impressive parameters to meet the filtration requirements of large surfaces. Also, its performance reduces the load on the motor, maintaining its suction power and extending its life expectancy. The filter itself is a German Herculon HEPA type one which reaches an efficiency ratio high enough to protect allergy sufferers and can remove particles as fine as 0.1 microns. Also, it can be reused and washed very easily. As expected in these conditions, there is also a venting option available. Similarly to most of the DuoVac central vacuum cleaners, the Distinction appliances can be used either with paper bags or without them. This leads to the capacity of the dirt container, which is as large as with the Air50 model, namely 9.6 gallons. Therefore, whether used with a disposable filter bad which is very easy to remove or without one, the Distinction vacuum cleaner is built to provide convenience.

At the same time, it appeals through its design as well, which aims for both durability and good looks. Thus, the canister is made of steel and aluminum for a lower risk of rust formation but also has a very elegant oval shape. Both the power unit and the canister of the DuoVac Distinction central vacuum cleaner are covered in baked epoxy powder paint for protection. Together, they reach a height of 34 inches and they measure 13 inches in diameter.

Therefore, the DuoVac Distinction central vacuum cleaner offers power and convenience as well as a good-looking and durable design. This is practically what reliability means in the vacuuming industry and this is what DuoVac manufacturers and designers have always aimed for. To prove that, they offer a lifetime warranty on the Distinction central vacuum cleaner, as with all their central vacuum cleaners. In fact, this is one of DuoVac’s trademarks, no other vacuum manufacturer offering such extended warranties. So, this is the final proof that these central vacuum cleaners are extremely reliable, so it is up to each user to select the appliance that best suits their needs. If they have large surfaces to clean, then this appliance is definitely the Distinction central vacuum cleaner.

As the corporate mission states: “NuEra Air strives to be the world leader in innovation, design and production of central vacuum systems and air solutions that provide a better living environment for residential and commercial markets. Our products are the most convenient, best performing and durable in the industry.”

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DuoVac Distinction Power Unit Features

Duovac is proud to introduce the new Distinction, which raises the bar and takes pole position in the heavy weight category of the most powerful central vacuums on the market. Duovac’s new Distinction has been completely redesigned and is in sync with the first-class look associated with the Duovac brand. Recognized for power and quality for over 47 years, Duovac will bring performance to a whole new level with the new Distinction.

  • 100% made in Canada
  • Equiped with two exclusive 3-stage Domel tangential motors mounted in series for unequalled suction power
  • New proprietary motor assembly design for easier maintenance
  • High performance durable and rigid motor gaskets
  • High performance heat and pressure resistant canister gasket
  • Intelligent electronic module with LED indicator:
    • Soft start/stop for increased durability of the motors
    • Warning notification for emptying the dust canister and for maintenance
    • Located in the top portion of housing for optimal cooling and greater reliability
  • Quality paint and seamless brushed aluminum canister for a top-of-the-line finish consistent with the dynamic Duovac brand
  • Hybrid system
    • May be used with or without a filtration bag; The filtration cage contains a machine-washable filter with Silpure* antibacterial coating for superior air quality
    • When used with a Duovac disposable filtration bag, it performs a double filtration for unparalleled air quality
  • NEW: 220-240 V (60 Hz) motor unit operating on a 15 A electric circuit Required for installation:
    • 15 A 120/240 V breaker
    • 15 A 250 V electrical outlet (NEMA 6-15P)
  • Includes composite muffler and steel spigot elbow
  • Lifetime Warranty* Lifetime warranty on all components of the power unit including 5 years on labor.

    All of the Duo Vac central vacuum power units are built with DuoLife long lasting Ametek-Lamb motors. There are choices of filtered cyclonic or paper bag systems. The high performance Duo-Fibre Quick filtration system has been designed to last the life of the machine and has one of the industries largest filtering areas. This has two important benefits…it prolongs the motor life and maintains suction power. Additionally, the German engineered Herculon triple layered spot welded filter media has the capacity to filter particles as fine as flour or gypsum board dust at 0.1 micron @ 97.5% efficiency while maintaining its “breathability” and power. The units may, also, be equipped with the innovative “whisper quiet” DuoAcoustic silencing technology. The Silentium, also, includes the DuoSmart “intelligent” service indicator module. The LED pressure sensitive and timing initiated displays, both on the power unit and on the hose handle note the emptying, cleaning and maintenance intervals. Some of other standard and time proven Duo Vac features include: a seamless rust resistant aluminum and steel canisters, the oval shaped cyclonic enhancing bottom canisters, baked epoxy powder scratch resistant paint on all interior and exterior surfaces, a washable and reusable filter medium, a compression mounted motor assembly, anti-vibration gasketed housing ports, the DuoLife motors with up to 1,500 hours carbon brush life, and large light weight DuoMax 5, 6 and 9 gallon capacity dust cannisters.

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I Love My DuoVac Central Vacuum!

I was looking for a new central vacuum for the house. My old one had just died out recently so I started my online researching and came across Thinkvacuums. I gave them a call to get their opinion on what would be best for my house.

They answered the phone and I told them everything I need, how big my house is and what me and my wife usually have to deal with. Simple, they answered all my questions and I live close enough for them to come out and assist me in installing the new Duovac Star. The installation was so easy, I could have done it myself. I love this machine it is so much quieter then my last one and it gets the job done. Even my kids love it! Thanks for helping me out.

- Terry S.
Boca Raton, Fl


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