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Learn About Electric Central Vacuum Hoses

Premium quality electric central vacuum hoses

Electric Central Vacuum Hoses
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Standard quality electric central vacuum hose
Get more suction from a Electric Central Vacuum Hose & keep your motor from overheating. Click the link to view the Importance of Hose Diameter.


Electric central vacuum hoses were developed with a series of both low voltage and high voltage wires integrated throughout the hose. The low voltage is to conduct a signal from the hose to the central vacuum system turning the central vacuum on. The 110 voltage is supplied to the hose via a pigtail cord or direct connect application on the wall end of the hose.


This provides electricity to the electric carpet attachment otherwise known as a power nozzle or electric beater bar. At the handle of the hose is a three way rocker switch allowing you complete control of the functions of both the central vacuum and the power nozzle right at your finger tips!


The center position will shut off the entire operation the first position allows the central vacuum system to turn on giving you straight suction. Only when the switch is placed into the second position will this allow the hose to provide suction as well as electrify the hose to use the electrical attachment, you have total control in the palm of your hand! With an orthopedic style grip and 360 degree swivel handle this allows maximum performance, eliminating wrist strain and fatigue, stops kinking and increases hose life.


By rotating the handle 90 degrees, it allows you to easily clean under furniture. With an air bleeder valve built into the handle you can increase suction for maximum cleaning power or decrease the suction for the most delicate of fabrics. Oriental, area and throw rugs, curtains, drapes and upholstery!


These hoses come in two different sizes, typically an inch and one quarter interior diameter allowing standard air flow we suggest the new larger inch and three eights interior diameter. The larger diameter increases suction, allows better air flow and reduces the chance of blockages and clogs by up to 20%!


Learn About The Different Types of Electric Central Vacuum Hose Connections.


pigtail connection central vacuum hosedirect connect central vacuum hose and wall inlet

Pigtail Connections fit into
any universal wall inlet most commonly used in 99% of homes today. If you have decided to use an electric power (carpet) nozzle, the 6 ft. pigtail cord will need to be plugged into an nearby 110 volt wall outlet.

Direct Connection hoses and wall inlets require low voltage and 110 voltage Romex wire installed during new construction.  The direct connection electrical central vacuum hose has two low voltage prongs on top of the hose. When the hose is pushed into the direct connect wall inlet it will automatically activate your carpet nozzle.  View the picture above to see an example of Direct Connect Electric Central Vacuum Hoses.  This DC wall inlet needs to be installed by a certified electrician.  

hose hanger

What is a Hose Hugger?

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any Premium Electric Hose!


This unique, multi-use, adjustable hose hanger is ideal for hanging all types of hoses such as central vacuums, garden, and pool hoses. It's made of heavy-duty washable nylon that is mold, mildew, and moisture resistant. It features a strong tangle-free hold.


Protect Your Investment with a Hose Sock!
Keep your home and furniture free from scuffs, scratches and wear caused by everyday vacuuming! Smart shoppers protect their house with a hose sock.  Hose socks not only help to keep up the appearance of the home, they are also designed to prevent unnecessary damage to your hose. THINK LONG TERM! - This Is A Must for All Central Vacuum Owners!

The Hose Sock helps protect your central vacuum's hoses and your walls and furniture

Want to protect your new hose? Hose Socks are the best way to protect both your hose and your walls and furniture

New Ultra Platinum Hose Sock...Cover It Right The First Time
You Will Definitely Thank Us!!
 Ultra soft hose sock protects your baseboards, furniture & walls from abrasion, also prevents wear and tear on the hose. Durable for years to come. New 100% Color Fast Material - Color Never Bleeds


Hose Sock 30ft

Hose Sock 36ft

50ft Hose Sock

Sale Price $39.95
Sale Price $49.95
Sale Price $59.95
Hose Hangers & Storage Bag
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Vacaddy Storage Hanger for central vacuum hose and tools

Vacaddy Storage Hanger


The Vacaddy Storage Hanger allows you to neatly store your central vacuum hose and tools.
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Pigtail for Electric Hose

Plastic Hose Hanger

Hose Hangers allow you to keep your closets, hallways and garage organized
and secure without unkempt piles of hose littering the floor.
Pick between
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Mesh Tool Bag

Vinyl Tool Bag


The most convenient out of the way to store tools and accessories. Not only is it easily installed with a single stud mount, but is also adds to the overall tidiness of your home. Best available product on the market that money can buy.

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Pigtail Cords

Hose & Tool Storage Combo


Fits all your accessories and tools, also accommodates 30ft - 50ft hose lengths.

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