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Centra filters are the top replacement filters for your Centra central vacuum system. All Centra filters comes as HEPA Type Exhaust Filtration Bag. Whether you have a less common or most common central vacuum model, we have the filter for your system. If finding the correct filter for your model is confusing you, then, please, don't hesitate to call us. Thinkvacuums.com has some of the most knowledgable and helpful customer representatives in the business, so call today at 1.800.322.2965.

Centra Central Vacuum Filters

Centra HEPA Type Exhaust Filtration Bag
Centra HEPA Type Exhaust Filtration Bag for Central Vacuum

Centra HEPA Type Exhaust Filtration Bag

Fits all central vacuums
Price: $12.95

Benefits of Centra Central Vacuum Filters

Centra central vacuum filters are designed to maintain the cleanest indoor air possible. This is great for allergies and a healtheir family in general. Furthermore, this tiny investment will save your entire vacuum system. Hair, dirt, dust, and debris are all extremely common ways for your your vacuum motor to seize up and stop working! Centra filters are an affordable answer to an expensive problem. Overall you are purchasing a healthier life of fresh air for you and your family as well as a longer life for your central vacuum system. When a central vacuum is not properly filtered a large percentage of dirt and other particles can escape the vacuum. Centra filters will capture the dirt and particles, therefore enhancing your home environment.