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Electrolux Old-Style Foam Filter
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Centralux Old-Style Foam Filter

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The Centralux Old-Style Foam Filter is designed to maintain the cleanest indoor air possible. This is great for allergies and a healtheir family in general. Furthermore, this tiny investment will also save your entire vacuum system. Hair, dirt, dust, and debris are all extremely common ways for your vacuum motor to seize up and stop working! The foam filter is an affordable answer to an expensive problem.
Recommendation: Replace your Centralux vacuum filter every 2 to 3 years for the best performance.
Don't Forget: Maintain your vacuum with the Tornado Power maintenance cloths. Order below!

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About the Centralux Old-Style Foam Filter

The Centralux Old-Style Foam Filter is one of the #1 replacement filters for your Centralux central vacuum system. All Centralux filters come in a 7" or 10" style cartridge filter. Whether you have a less common Centralux model or the most common, we have the filter for your system. If finding the correct filter for your model is confusing you, then, please, don't hesitate to call us. Thinkvacuums.com has some of the most knowledgable and helpful customer representatives in the business, so call today at 1.800.322.2965.

Protect your investment with the Feather Lite Carpet Deodorizer and the Tornado Power Maintenace Cloths, the ultimate way to reduce odors and restore your system to peak efficiency. Order your Carpet Deodorizer and Maintenance Cloths to the right under "Related Items".

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