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Hayden Self Cleaning Cloth Filter

Hayden Self Cleaning Cloth Filter

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For the SuperVac 5000
Recommendation: We recommend changing once every 2 years.
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About Hayden Self Cleaning Cloth Filter for Central Vacuums

Hayden SV5000 Central Vacuum

The Self Cleaning
Cloth Filter Fits:
SuperVac 5000

Hayden Self Cleaning Cloth Filter The cartridge filters made by Hayden have built a name for themselves in the profile industry based on their efficiency and overall quality. Whether it is a Hayden self-cleaning cloth filter or a washable filter, these accessories increase the performance of the vacuum cleaners they are mounted on significantly for very low prices. Not only are they created using the most advanced technological means, but they are also supported by equally efficient and well-built components.

The cartridge filter plays the most important role in the protection of the motor, so it is very important that it is built well. The Hayden self-cleaning cloth filter is. Moreover, it is both highly efficient and very easy to fix into position.

Moreover, it only takes a few minutes to clean the Hayden self cleaning cloth filter, which makes it a highly convenient accessory. In order to do that, the user has to wrap the cloth filter and the cyclonic deflector around it in a plastic bag first. This bag serves as a protective medium that prevents the user from coming into contact with the dirt particles. The next step is to shake the filter. Thus, the dirt particles will fall off the filter walls into the plastic bag, making it easy for the user to dispose of them.

Should its removal be required, the user only has to pull the side tab of the cloth filter toward the center so as to create a U or a V shape. Finally, to put it back into position, they must squeeze the filter a little to create the same U or V shape so that it fits back in its place. This is the perfect demonstration of how easy the Hayden self cleaning cloth filter is to use.

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