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Hayden Snap-on Cartridge Reta

Hayden Snap-On Filter Retainer

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Hayden Old Style Snap-On Cartridge Filter Retainer. Snaps securely in place. Fits most Hayden SuperVac models.
Recommendation: We recommend changing once every 5 years.
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About Hayden Snap-on Cartridge Reta for Central Vacuums

Fits most Hayden SuperVac models.

All products launched on the market by Hayden are aligned to the latest technological trends for greater performance and higher efficiency ratios. As far as filtration systems and filters go, the hydrophobic washable filter is clear evidence of their goal and strategies. However, a filter can only deliver the desired results if set up properly and that setup also involves a high-quality cartridge retainer. The Hayden snap on filter retainer is one of these high-quality components.

There are two types of filter retainers introduced on the market by Hayden, each suitable for a particular selection of Hayden central vacuum cleaners. One of them is the Hayden screw on model, which can be fitted on either of the SV2400, SV3600, SV6000 or SV9000 models. The other one is the Hayden snap on filter retainer, which is the older version and therefore can be fitted on the older models of central vacuum cleaners belonging to this manufacturer.

The snap on filter retainer made by Hayden fixes the cartridge filter into position, preventing the air from escaping. This perfect seal is ensured by the foam side of the filter retainer. Whenever the filter requires cleaning, the filter retainer is to be pushed up, twisted in a counterclockwise direction and pulled down. It is very important that the clean filter is not fixed back into position until it has dried up completely.

The filter retainer is a small component which plays an essential role in the efficiency of the vacuum cleaner it is set up on. Hayden is aware of its importance and therefore has created the Hayden snap on filter retainer, a highly reliable accessory which can be fitted on any Hayden vacuum cleaner manufactured in the old style.

The Hayden Snap-on Cartridge Reta fits the following central vacuums:
Hayden SV9000 Central Vacuum Hayden SV7000 Central Vacuum Hayden SV5000 Central Vacuum

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