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The Hoover filters are some of the top replacement options for your Hoover vacuum filter. Hoover filter sizes come in a 7" or 10" style cartridge filter. If you aren't sure which filter matches with your particular central vacuum then give us a call today: 1.800.322.2965. Our experts are more than happy to help.

Hoover Central Vacuum Filters

Hoover Corrugated Filter | Hoover 11" Filter 59132001
11 inch Hoover filter 59132001

11" Hoover Filter -

Fits Hoover Models 5610 & 5620
Price: $79.00

Benefits of Hoover Central Vacuum Filters

There are a number of reasons to purchase Hoover central vacuum filters, however the primary reason is to protect your central vacuum motor. Hair, dirt, dust, and debris accumulates overtime and clogs up your motor. Without proper filtration, your vacuum will eventually become useless. Purchasing a Hoover filter will prevent that problem from happening. In addition, these filters can keep your air fresh. Vacuums with improper filtering can let dirt and small particles escape into your air. Hoover filters will keep your air clean, which can also help if you have allergies. We highly recommend these filters for maintaining the cleanliness of your air and keeping your vacuum in working condition for years to come.