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The All NEW Cana-Vac Doc IT vs. The Other
Hide-A-Central-Vacuum-Hose Management System

Find out the pros and cons!

Compare All Doc IT Hose Management Systems | 45 ft. Basic | 55 ft. Premium | 55 ft. Premium Plus

Doc IT logo for the retractable central vacuum hose

The next generation hose management is here now. There are just two retractable hose systems on the market today. One relies strictly on the suction of the central vacuum and the other harnesses electricity to extend and retract. What retractable system works better? We took months to make our decision. We were looking for a retractable hose system that offered a simple operation, easy installation and a very user friendly design. With our research and experience it lead us to believe there is one clear cut favorite...

"The Doc IT Retractable Hose Systems by Cana-Vac"

Doc IT 45 Ft Basic
Retractable Hose System

Cleans Up To 2,000 Sq Ft.

Doc IT 55 Ft Premium
Retractable Hose System
Cleans Up To 3,000 Sq Ft.
Doc IT 55 Ft Premium Plus
Retractable Hose System

Cleans Up To 3,000 Sq Ft.

Easy To Install

Basic 45 foot Doc IT retractable hose management system by Cana-Vac.

Easy To Install

Premium 55 foot Doc IT retractable hose management system by Cana-Vac.

Easy To Install

Premium Plus 55 foot Doc IT retractable hose management system by Cana-Vac.

hide-a-central-vacuum-hose vs doc it retractable hose management systemFrom an engineering standpoint,
it is hard to find any flaws in the Doc-it retractable hose system.


With the need for an easier way of vacuuming the Cana-Vac Company quickly developed the Doc IT Retractable Hose System to release to the public. The Cana-Vac Company which also manufactures central vacuums loves the rock solid design of the Doc-it.

As for the other hide-a-central-vacuum-hose retractor system on the market, the news isn't so good. We did not care much for the overall poor design, the super hard installation and the many horror stories we encountered.

The Doc IT is the easiest to install in any new or existing home. It can be installed in as little as an hour.

Some of the installation requirements with the other hide-a-central-vacuum-hose retractable hose management roubling and would be almost impossible for any do-it-yourselfer. It
requires a maze of piping that goes from the wall inlet to the end of the hose. That equals to an additional 30, 40 or 50 feet of piping, depending on your hose size. And keep in mind, this is per inlet. Also, once this piping turns horizontal it must stay horizontal for the length of the hose and cannot climb or drop. This means you will be required to have a 30-50 foot straight run of pipe. This is per inlet, and will greatly decrease the suction of your central vacuum. And to more complicate things, you cannot use standard elbows and fittings and are required to use their fittings only. You will also be required to support this maze and it will require many more pipe straps then a normal installation. It is highly recommended that a certified trained installer install this set up...assuming you can find one that is willing.

When researching the other Hide-A-Central-Vacuum-Hose Retractable System we came across many scary thoughts and "what if" questions. Questions such as...

DocIT vs Hide-A-Central-Vacuum-Hose1) What if something should clog and/or get stuck in the hose? You would have a serious problem on your hands and 98% of vacuum repair technicians would not touch it with a 10 foot pole.

2) What if there is a problem with the central vacuum unit? This other hide-a-central-vacuum-hose system relies solely on suction to pull the hose back in, which raises even more questions. What if the hose is fully extended and the unit has a problem? We have heard of many problems about not being able to get the hose back into the wall due to poor suction. If there is a problem with the central vacuum unit, you may be without a vacuum for weeks or months, leaving your hose fully extended and stuck out. We must get 5-15 calls a week regarding problems with this system. Trying to find a qualified technician or installer to handle such an issue will be a problem. Most installers or technicians simply do not want to touch this problem! This makes having any warranty work done almost impossible. With the Doc-it the hose is its own entity and runs off a motorized retractor keeping the vacuum and the retractable hose system completely separate. Also with the Doc-it you can use as little or as much hose needed up to 55 ft. so you're not left dragging around useless lengths of hose.

No more lugging around a large central vacuum hose3) How can I take off and clean my hose sock? With this set-up it is almost impossible to take the hose sock off and wash it. Even if you manage to accomplish this almost impossible task (honestly, we can't), what happens when it shrinks and you need to put it back on? Virtually impossible!

4) Will the hose sock clean itself? You may hear such ridiculous claims such as "the sock cleans itself" or "it is self-cleaning" etc. . . . This is far from the truth!! So please beware. Although this sounds good in theory and some customers could be naive enough to believe it, the truth is only a washing machine can clean a hose sock or hose cover. Only a machine can wash and remove the dirt, hair build up, dust, spider webs etc. from a hose sock. Everything that is picked up with a central vacuum travels through the piping where dirt accumulates the hose then retracts back into the piping where the hose sock will rub against all that accumulated dirt. This is simply a ridiculous claim. If you live in a hot or humid area there is condensation caused by the humidity, their sock will retain such an odor you will not be able to get rid of the smell. With Doc-it the hose is designed of ultra-soft velvet like rubber, not a rough hard plastic with ribs that could damage your furniture or moldings. There is no need for a hose sock as the material is hair, dirt and dust repellent. The hose instruction is to spray some pledge on its surface to coat the mechanism. Apply once a year, no greasiness or residue to be alarmed about. The Doc-it is extremely simple to maintain and will be trouble free for years.


The future of central vacuums is here! The next generation of hose retraction

Learn about the automatic central vacuum hose retractor mechanism for Doc IT.5) What about the extra pipe needed for the hose to retract into? Remember the hose has to fully retract into the piping which causes a need for longer runs. By adding another 150 to 300 feet or more of pipe you are guaranteed to lose suction. This will lead to spending more than you originally budgeted for on a more powerful vacuum unit to make up for the loss. This system might then have to use a 240 volt vacuum to ensure more suction power. These 240 volt vacuums are more expensive and limit your options on what central vacuum to choose and are also mainly designed for the much larger home. The goal is to use fewer elbows and fewer pipes to maximize suction power, and this system requires the complete opposite.

Don't let this happen to you!

Hide-A-Central-Vacuum-Hose installation6) Will it be hard to find someone to install this system? All the installers we spoke to across the country did not have many good things to say about installing this type of retractable hose system. Things such as not being able to fit it into every situation, needing extra pipe etc. Depending on the set-up of the home, it can be very difficult to add this type of system. Adding an extra 30-50 feet of pipe for each inlet behind the walls is not very appealing to installers. This system may be a few bucks cheaper, but in the long run you will pay double with the amount of labor. The very poor design of this style retractable system makes for a very difficult installation, and it's even more difficult to find someone who will install it for you. Imagine the nightmare it would be for a do-it-yourselfer!

Did you know? With the competitors retractable hose system with all the addition piping that is required your attic will be a jungle gym of installation materials. This excessive piping will literally reduce the amount of attic space due to the abundance of specialty piping needed for the installation. More pipes equals less suction and more issues further down the road. This monstrosity is referred to as "raceways"!

7) Can I use an electric carpet nozzle? With this style retractable hose system you are unable to use an electric powered carpet nozzle. This means if you have medium to high pile carpeting or have pet hair problems, you will not be able to get the job done. This style system only allows you to use an air driven turbo nozzle which is only designed for low pile carpet and area rugs. With the Doc-it retractable hose system you have the ability to not only use up to a 55ft. hose but also use electric attachments. Doc-It also offers and exclusive 3 to 6 year accessory warranty depending on which package you choose to purchase.

Tools & Accessories Included with The Premium Doc IT 55 Foot XLS Hose Management System

Cana-Vac Doc IT LS Ultra Series Powerhead

Carpet Head

free dust mop

Think Vacuums Gift

Telescoping Wands and powerhead brush

Telescopic Wands

Doc IT accessory Kit, hard floor tool, crevice, upholstery and duster tool

Deluxe Attachments

Doc IT storage caddy for all parts and accessories

Storage Bag

Kinkproof Doc IT 45 foot central vacuum hose

Kinkproof Hose

happy face for Doc ITWhy the Doc-It Retractable Hose System???
TThe Doc-it Retractable Hose System was designed to be very easy for the "do-it-yourselfer". Well designed to be very user friendly and easy to install. With countless hours of field testing and re-testing, making modifications and revisions, it has been built to perfection. 95% of our do-it-yourselfers install these systems themselves. Also, future repairs are made to be very simple as the motor and hose are very easy to get to.

The Doc-it is 99% maintenance free for many years to come. Less than 1% of Doc-it systems ever produced has run into a problem where the hose got stuck in the wall. With a built-in quick release, there's never a need for a technician to come out and fix this retractable hose system. You'll never hear of any horror stories about the Doc-it retractable hose management system.

The hottest trend for 2011/12 - The Doc It System


compare hide-a-central-vacuum-hose vs doc it retraction

CanaVac Doc-It Retractable Hose System

(truly motorized)))

Other Hose Systems
on the market

(non motorized)

Fully Motorized



Easy Installation


No - Good Luck!

Can Use Electric Nozzle



Hose Diameter

1.44" (Clog Resistant)


User Friendly Operation


No Comment


Works with any central vacuum!

Works with less than 2% of central vacuums...

With the Doc-it you can bring out the hose as little or as much as you like. With the easy to use "In & Out" options on the handle, you can simply move the hose back and forward to get the perfect amount of hose you need.

The Doc-it features a super long 45 ft. to 55ft. hose, so you will only need one or two set-up's instead of one in every inlet. A single Doc-it unit will cover anywhere up to 3,000 square feet. This in itself will eliminate a lot of the cost involved in the installation. It is much easier and more cost effective to put one or Doc-it systems in a home then it would be to install something in every inlet of the home.

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