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Universal Rule of Thumb: When purchasing a central vacuum unit, please remember to increase or double your home's square footage to maximize suction Learn How To Select The Right Central Vacuum For You

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ThinkVacuums realizes that every central vacuum installation is unique and requires dedicated support. Most all homes are designed differently, so it's very important to select the correct system for your needs. When shopping for a central vacuum, a vacuum expert will walk you through everything, answering any question(s) that you may have along the way.

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Made in the USA.Not only do we carry a large selection of parts, accessories and other items that fit any central vacuum; ThinkVacuums has some of the most popular and best rated systems available. We offer some of the best central vacuum deals online. ThinkVacuums guarantees the best prices on AirVac, Cana-Vac, Drainvac, Eureka, Honeywell, Nutone, PurVac and many other central vacuum systems. If you find a better deal – We will match it 100% and in many cases… offer a better deal!

Central Vacuum Accessories and Tools

Having the right accessory will make a world of difference when cleaning. Adding the correct attachment to a central vacuum allows you to clean the stairs, upholstery, shutters & blinds, air vents, fans, and even get underneath the refrigerator! View our large selection of tools and accessories and pick the perfect item for your cleaning needs.

Central Vacuum All-In-One Packages

If you are shopping for a new central vacuum and know the basic layout & planning, we've put together a variety of complete all-in-one central vacuum packages just for you. On the other hand, if you currently own a central vacuum then shop all-in-one packages by brand. We make shopping for a complete central vacuum system easy. Each all-in-one central vacuum package is organized by Sq. Ft. and general home size. All items are clearly outlined and offer straightforward descriptions.

If you need help slecting the right all-in-one central vacuum system, simply call us and a vacuum expert will walk you through everything. 1.800.322.2965

Central Vacuum Attachments Kits

Attachment kits include hoses, power heads, carpet nozzles, bare floor tools, pipes, wands, and more. You no longer have to spend hours shopping when one single purchase includes everything you need. Central vacuum attachment kits come in 5 different packages: basic attachment kits without hose, standard kits for bare floors, deluxe air driven kits, premier electric attachment kits, and carpet nozzle combo sets.

Central Vacuum Car & Garage Kits

Garage vacuum kits or patio & utility kits will compliment your central vacuum. Not only are these vacuum sets great for the garage, they also work wonders in the basement, on the workbench or laundry room. Also if you are meticulous about keeping your vehicle clean, then a garage vacuum is perfect for you.

Central Vacuum Hose

Central vacuum hoses come in a variety of lengths, colors, and styles. Knowing the type of inlet your system has is most important when choosing a hose for your central vacuum. If you what brand central vacuum system you have then simply select it from the list brands to find a hose that fits.

ThinkVacuums offers everything from basic hoses, low-voltage hoses, and electric central vacuum hoses. If you are looking for a hose handles and replacement parts, we have those too.

Central Vacuum Pipe, Fittings & Installation Kits

We carry only high quality central vacuum pipe and fittings. It's easy to select the right fittings, pipe, or installation kits for your central vacuum. If you are starting a new build or this is your first install, we even offer instruction DVDs. Also, to prevent damage or fire, we recommend adding an emergency motor/fire safety valve to any new installation.

Central Vacuum Motor

Finding the right central vacuum motor or carbon brush is as easy as visiting our "Simple Motor Selection" page. We outline how to determine the motor your central vacuum requires in three easy to follow steps. Again, if you know your brand then select from our list of central vacuum manufacturers.

Central Vacuum Parts

You've come to the right place because ThinkVacuums has one of the largest selections of parts to choose from. Rest assured, our quality parts fit any brand of central vacuum. Choose from basic accessories, attachments, bags, central vacuum pipe, filters, hose handle replacement parts, motors, mounting brackets, power heads / carpet nozzles, wall inlets, extension wands and more. Having trouble finding what you are looking for, please don't hesitate, simply give us a call 800.322.2965.

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What Is A Central Vacuum?

If you’re tired of hauling your bulky vacuum cleaner around the house just to clean up, then you’ll benefit greatly from a central vacuum system. Central vacs, as they are known, refer to a whole vacuuming unit installed in your home or office as a semi-permanent fixture. It goes by other names, such as ducted vacuum cleaner or built-in vacuum cleaner. All these refer to a single system whose role is to remove dirt, dust, and debris from inside the home or office, but instead of collecting them in a single moveable unit, these are sent through a tubing installed inside your walls. The tubes lead to a dust container installed in a remote room, such as a garage or a basement.

Cleaning With A Central Vacuum

One common question people ask is ‘how exactly does a central vacuum clean?’ Part of the installation of a central vac is the placement of inlets all over your home or office. These are placed at strategic and convenient locations, which you are free to choose. Then, instead of using a portable appliance plugged into electrical outlets and having to move to another outlet from time to time, all you have to do is move the central vacuum hose from one inlet to another. Since the power button is located on the handle, there’s really no need to go down to the basement or garage every time you need to clean a room. Just plug the hose into the inlet and start vacuuming. The system automatically carries all the dirt and debris through the central vacuum pipe and to the main power unit’s dirt container or dust bag.

Most central vacuum units nowadays also allow you to install an automatic dustpan in the walls of your home. This way, you can use a regular broom and just sweep the dust into the dustpan, which leads straight to the central unit in your garage or basement.

Over time, the dust container or central vacuum bag will become full, but since the power unit can be installed elsewhere and is not part of the cleaning tool, most units can hold quite a lot of dirt before they will need to be emptied. On average, most units only need to be emptied once every three to six months.

Although different to set up at first, due to the installation of the piping, a central vacuum system goes a long way in making cleaning chores lighter and easier. And though costly to install, this kind of system can increase the value of your home.

Help Choosing Which Type of Central vacuum

Since central vacuum systems have become quite popular, there are now a lot of options on the market. When choosing a central vac, the main decision you have to make is whether to get a cyclonic (Bagless) or a filtered (Bagged) model.

Filtered systems use regular filters, which can either be a screen, a foam, a paper, or a cloth, to remove the dust and debris from the air that passes through the vacuum. If you choose a filtered model, you have to replace the filter from time to time.

A cyclonic system, on the other hand, uses a centrifugal force, which works a bit like gravity, to separate the dirt and dust from the air. This means that there is no need to replace any filter in such a system. If you suffer from allergies be aware that these units are not as hygienic, as they tend to release particles back into the surrounding air.

These two types generally work the same way. The main consideration you have to make, therefore, is the size of the system, which is characterized by its motor capacity. Make sure that it matches the size of your home to ensure effective cleaning every time.

What Is A Built In Vacuum System? "The Simple Explanation"

What is a built in vacuum?

Are you undecided about what vacuum cleaner to use in your home? Often our uncertainty is due to a lack of information. Therefore, any such choice should be preceded by a thorough analysis on the differences between the types of vacuum cleaners offered. It is essential that one knows the advantages of a built in vacuum system, or a central vacuum, over a conventional vacuum cleaner in order to be able to make the best choice for the home.

Why Built In Vacuums Are Better Than Conventional Vacuums

We highly recommend a built-in vacuum system over that of a conventional one for several reasons. First of all, it has been proven on several occasions that a built in vacuum is easier to use than a conventional one, all that is required is a centralized unit (installed out-of-sight), hose, and attachment.

The main drawback of using a conventional vacuum cleaner is that the weight makes it much more difficult to move around for optimal cleaning. Moreover, the risk of tripping over the electrical cords is a possibility. It is also easier to maintain than a conventional system. Built in vacuum warranties tend to be greater in length simply because the longevity and quality of the system is greater

Built In Vacuum System Significantly Reduce Airborne Health Risks

There is a major difference in power between such a system and a conventional one, the cleaning ensured by the former is two to five times more efficient. Whether found at the surface or embedded deep into carpets, dirt never raises any problems for the power of a built in vacuum systems. Built in vacuum systems generally prevent 99.9% of allergens, dirt, dust, and debris from reentering the air around you. Therefore, these systems are strongly recommended for anyone who has a respiratory problem.

A built in vacuum may reduce the health risks, but they surely maximize the time savings. Unlike a portable vacuum cleaner, a central vacuum system is ready to work once the hose is introduced into an inlet installed throughout the home. There are no troublesome extension cords or switches, so everything is much easier and more efficient. One can equip their vacuum cleaner with a larger number of hoses, which automatically leads to even more time effectiveness. These can be stored anywhere around the garage, the patio, basement or in the house. The units themselves are usually installed in garages or in other places isolated from the living areas to prevent noise, limiting discomfort to anyone in the house.

Built In Vacuums Save Time and Money

Finally, the time savings specific to a built in vacuum system are complemented by significant money savings. This is due to the extended life expectancy of such a system, the minimum maintenance requirements and erratic replacements. In fact, money can be saved from the very beginning with such a system because some central vacuum cleaners are cheaper than their portable counterparts. In other words, a built in vacuum system allows for money savings both in the short and in the long run.

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Known as built-in vacuums, central vacuum cleaners, or even in-home vacuum systems, central vacuum systems are the choice vacuum system for many homeowners today. Not only are these vacuums more powerful, penetrating deeper to remove dirt and debris, they offer a cleaner, less noisy vacuuming environment with more cleaning versatility.

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Because central vacuum systems are located away from the living area of your home, air pollutants are greatly reduced. This helps to benefit all of us allergy sufferers out there. Common household vacuums tend to recirculate dirt and debris regardless of filter quality or manufacture claims.

Central vacuum systems on the other hand pull the dirt out of the existing room and into the room housing the main central vacuum unit. This allows for any pollutants to remain away for the air ways of the vacuum's operator. Most central vacuum systems today can be used either with a bag or are bag less.

When using a central vacuum bag system with your central vacuum unit, adding HEPA or micro filtration bags helps to reduce air pollutants even further as well as drastically reduce carbon dust. In addition to the health benefits of central vacuum systems, their ability to clean is much better than conventional vacuums.

The benefit of built in central vacuum systems is more suction power (air watts) with the ability to clean deeper. A larger dirt canister means less maintenance with fewer times empting the central vacuum system. In conclusion not only do central vacuum systems add value to your home, because of their cutting edge cleaning technology and advanced filtration, central vacuums keep your home & family free of harmful particles at the same time making your cleaning trouble free.

VDTA SDTA 25 Years

VDTA SDTA The benefit of built in central vacuum systems is more suction power (air watts) with the ability to clean deeper. A larger dirt canister means less maintenance with fewer times empting the central vacuum system. In conclusion not only do central vacuum systems add value to your home, because of their cutting edge cleaning technology and advanced filtration, central vacuums keep your home & family free of harmful particles at the same time making your cleaning trouble free.

The toughest part of choosing the right central vacuum is based on your specific needs/requirements.....
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