Central Vacuum October Sale 2016
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Central Vacuum Dustpans by VacPan, VacPort, VacuSweep, & SociT

Shop and compare VacPan, VacuSweep & VacPort automatic dustpans and accessories

VacPan, VacuSweep & VacPort are common names for automatic dustpan inlets that work with your central vacuum system. These sweep inlet valves are easy to install and best placed in areas that have frequent spills, such as in the kitchen or bathroom.

Automatic dustpans are easy to operate and allow you to clean up in half the time of a broom and regular dustpan. Simply open the sweep inlet and your power unit will start up automatically. Sweep any debris into the opening and watch it be sucked away, never to be seen again until you empty your power unit's dirt receptacle.

Central Vacuum Automatic Dustpan Inlets and Accessories