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NuTone 330 Standard Inlet
NuTone 330 Standard Inlet NuTone 330 Standard Inlet NuTone 330 Standard Inlet Installation

NuTone 330 Standard Inlet - Full Door

Sale Price: $9.00

MSRP: 11.00 You Save: $2.00
Model Number: 330
Colors: White, Ivory
Width: 3 1/2"
Height: 5 3/16"
The Nutone inlet 330 is both visually appealing, with its texture and barely noticeable design, and resistant, so it is everything one needs their wall inlet to be. The 330 inlet measures the standard 3 1/2" inches in width, 5 3/16" inches in height and 1/2" inches in depth.

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Sale Price: $9.00


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About NuTone 330 Standard Inlet for Central Vacuums

Nutone designers have proven to be very inspired when it comes to manufacturing wall inlets, always choosing the sizes and colors so that they blend with whatever color or pattern one’s wall or wallpaper may have. The Nutone inlet 330 is just one of the numerous inlets introduced on the market by this manufacturer that draw consumers with their discreet design and high reliability.

The Nutone inlet 330 measures the standard 3.5 inches in width, 5.125 inches in height and 0.5 inches in depth. This cover can withstand different degrees of shock for it is made of styrene, which is a highly resistant material. As for its color, it comes in white, hence the extensive range of decors it can blend in with. The textured style also plays a very important role in this equation.

This inlet cover is never more than just a small white stripe on the wall for it always covers the inlet after the vacuum hose has been removed thanks to its snap-back design. Things are quite clear and simple in terms of installation too, the procedure being at hand for anyone. However, it is important to note that a CF329 mounting bracket or a CI3301/3RK kit is needed.

In a nutshell, the Nutone inlet 330 is both visually appealing with its textured and barely noticeable design and resistant, so it is everything one needs their wall inlet to be.

Automatic on/off inlets feature a styrene snap-back protective cover, giving you confidence it will always be shut when you remove the hose.

  • Attractive textured cover is designed to blend with your décor, in a choice of colors, so you can pick just the right one to blend with paint or wall coverings
  • Door flips up and open to allow easy insertion of a low voltage or utility hose
  • Installs with CF329 mounting bracket, or CI3301RK or CI3303RK rough-in kits; overall size is 3-1/2w x 5-3/16h x 1/2d

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