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NuTone CF329 Inlet Mounting Plate

NuTone CF329 Inlet Mounting Plate

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Model Number: CF329

Nutone’s reputation in the vacuuming industry is spotless and this can easily be understood after taking a quick look at the accessories and appliances they have launched on the market over the years. Both the Nutone vacuum cleaners and the accessories designed to improve their performance meet the highest standards on all levels.

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Sale Price: $9.95


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About NuTone CF329 Inlet Mounting Plate

Nutone has quite an impressive collection of wall inlets which can be used with an impressive range of appliances attributed to this manufacturer. The Nutone inlet CF329 is one of the basic models with no protective styrene cover and therefore no snap-back system. This is just a simple mounting plate, but it does have some of the characteristics of the more complex models. One of them is its vast compatibility range, all the hoses designed to match the Nutone appliances matching this wall inlet as well. In addition to this, Nutone wall inlets are known to have impressive dimensions which stand at the basis of their incredible potential to fit any setting. The CF329 model also makes an impression with the 4.8, 4.2 and 1.2 inches it measures in width, height and depth. Moreover, it is just as easy to install as the more advanced models, all the parts being included in the package, which is usually a 20 pack. Also, there is no need to worry about the wiring because the requirements are the same as with any other of the wall inlets manufactured and sold by Nutone.

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