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NuTone CI390W Electrified Inlet Plate Only
NuTone CI390W Electrified Inlet Plate Only NuTone CI390W Electrified Inlet Plate Only Installation

NuTone CI390W Electrified Inlet Plate Only

Sale Price: $9.99

MSRP: 19.99 You Save: $10.00
Model Number: CI390W
Color: White
Width: 1.8"
Height: 5.3"

The CI390W Electrified inlet includes a built-in low-voltage terminal so direct-connect hoses plug right in, removing the need for a power cord. Electrified Inlets provide you with a simple one-step operation to plug in a Current-Carrying hose, eliminating the need to carry around an extension cord which simplifies the vacuuming routine.

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Sale Price: $9.99


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About NuTone CI390W Electrified Inlet Plate Only

Vacuuming is hard enough a chore, so people should take advantage of the various opportunities to simplify it they are presented with. The Nutone Inlet CI390 is such an opportunity, one pushed through by the Midwest manufacturer Nutone. This product is available in different colors, the Nutone CI390W Electrified Inlet is the white version. The Ivory version, Nutone CI390V Electrified Inlet, is also available.

As the name suggests, the Nutone CI390W Electrified Inlet belongs to a series of electric valves made by this manufacturer. An increasing number of people appear to be more drawn to this kind of wall inlet, which should not come as a surprise actually because they ease the whole vacuuming process significantly by not requiring power cords. Its use is also eased by the automatic system it features. The wall inlet becomes available for use or turns on right after the hose has been connected if you use the right hose. However, it must be a low voltage hose or, more exactly, the Nutone CH615 30ft Electrical Hose or the Nutone CH620 30ft Electrical Hose.

The inlet can only be fitted into the wall or the floor using a CI395RK kit (Sold Separately), which contains a replacement cord as well as a replacement plug, an AMP connector, a corresponding cover, two screws and a set of instructions. It is important that the clips face the mounting plate when the inlet is installed. Otherwise, no supplementary wires or additional parts are required, so the installation should be at hand for any homeowner regardless of their experience in the domain.

However, the technical simplicity of the Nutone Inlet CI390W is not the only feature consumers seem to be drawn to. The white textured cover which suits a very large selection of decors also plays a decisive role in their decisions to purchase these accessories, which proves that the Nutone CI390W Wall Inlet is an option for every homeowner out there.

Do not forget to maintain and keep your inlets & hoses clean! Order your maintenance cloths and deodorizer to the right.

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Submitted by: on 07-03-2014

No power cord/tail included. Had to use the old one from the outlets being replaced.

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