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NuTone CI395W Electrified Inlet Plate Only
NuTone CI395W Electrified Inlet Plate Only NuTone CI395W Electrified Inlet Plate Only Installation

NuTone CI395W Electrified Inlet Plate Only


Model Number: CI390W
Color: White
Width: 2"
Height: 5.3"

The CI395W Electrified inlet includes a built-in low-voltage terminal so direct-connect hoses plug right in, removing the need for a power cord. Electrified Inlets provide you with a simple one-step operation to plug in a Current-Carrying hose, eliminating the need to carry around an extension cord which simplifies the vacuuming routine.


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About NuTone CI395W Electrified Inlet Plate Only

Wall inlets play an essential role in vacuuming for they send the electric charge to the vacuum cleaner. The Nutone inlet CI395W is designed to ensure this transition to any Nutone Advantage vacuum cleaner that may be attached to it, as well as the Nutone CH615 30ft Electrical Hose or the Nutone CH620 30ft Electrical Hose. Indeed, the central vacuum cleaner is attached directly to this wall inlet, this being an electrified direct connect model.

The Nutone inlet CI395W can only be associated with low voltage contacts. These integrated terminals make it possible for the vacuum cleaner to be turned on by simply inserting a switch hose into the wall inlet. Once the user removes the switch hose, the vacuum cleaner shuts down and the styrene cover seals the wall inlet until the next time it is used. The choice of the styrene cover is based on the unique strength and durability of this material, which are not only acknowledged worldwide but also certified by the UL approval this wall inlet bears.

The finish of this vacuum accessory is simple yet tasteful with its textured cover painted in white. In fact, the entire design concept is very appealing, the inspired use of materials being complemented by an inspired choice of the size. 3.5 inches wide, 5.125 inches tall and 0.625 inches deep, the Nutone inlet CI395W is almost invisible wherever it may be mounted. Its color, shape and size give it this aesthetic advantage which is roughly just as important as the technical ones that derive from the aforementioned characteristics of this inlet. It is also available in Ivory: Nutone CI395V Electrified Inlet.

Do not forget to maintain and keep your inlets & hoses clean! Order your maintenance cloths and deodorizer to the right.

The list of features that increase the convenience of this accessory continues with the easy installation which only requires the purchase of a CI395RK kit (Sold Seperately).

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