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NuTone CK140 Deluxe Garage & Car Care Kit

NuTone CK140 Deluxe Garage & Car Care Kit

Sale Price: $59.95

MSRP: 69.95 You Save: $10.00
Model Number: CK140
Hose Length: 30 Ft
Garages, boats, utility areas and all the other areas outside the living one are quite delicate when it comes to cleaning, so special sets of tools are usually needed for this kind of jobs. The Nutone Deluxe Garage & Car Care kit CK140 is one of the several solutions provided by this manufacturer, a complete solution to all cleaning demands of this sort.
Recommendation: We highly recommend adding a protective hose sock with your order.

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Sale Price: $59.95


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About NuTone CK140 Deluxe Garage & Car Care Kit for Nutone Accessory Kits

Nutone Model CK140 Deluxe Garage & Car Care Kit

Any cleaning job that involves vehicles or anything outside the living area is a lot easier with the Nutone Deluxe Garage & Car Care kit CK140 thanks to its assortment of accessories and their features. For instance, a 30-foot long hose can be fitted on the central vacuum cleaner to reach at longer distances. This hose is designed to keep its original state even if caught under a door, stepped on or subjected to any other kind of shock. However, the risk of shock is reduced significantly by the bright color of the hose which makes it a lot easier to notice.

Moreover, this attachment kit includes all the standard accessories, namely a crevice tool, an upholstery tool and a dusting brush for easier specialized cleaning. The dusting brush, for example, has rigid extra long bristles which can remove the dirt from tight areas in the proximity of door frames, car seats or the like. The upholstery tool, on the other hand, features a slide-on brush whose bristles are made of nylon and therefore they are also rigid. Thus, the dirt is always loosened up before being sucked in the central vacuum cleaner, which automatically leads to an increased efficiency. The larger bits are handled by the crevice tool, which is extra wide and therefore enables one to make significant time savings. This tool also allows for continuous cleaning with its notched end, thus easing the job further and increasing the time effectiveness as well. The standard accessories also include a mesh bag for storing the tools properly which is also very convenient for they can be retrieved much more easily, as well as a wire hose hanger, which is supplied with all the garage attachment kits Nutone puts at their customers’ disposal.

NuTone CK140 Deluxe Garage & Car Care Kit Features

All the accessories the Nutone Deluxe Garage & Car Care kit CK140 comprises are made of non-corrosive materials, so their increased durability is unquestionable. The choice of the materials also influences the overall performance of the tools, so this is another advantage of this selection of accessories, one that is enhanced by a very inspired practical design.

Not only is the Nutone Deluxe Garage & Car Care kit CK140 very convenient due to the fact that it contains all the accessories one needs for cleaning vehicles of any kind, garages or utility areas, but it also enables them to make major cost and time savings. Cleaning jobs can be completed much faster and much more efficiently using this attachment kit, so this is a top choice for customers with high cleaning demands and medium budgets.

NuTone CK140 Deluxe Garage & Car Care Kit

This kit was designed for all those challenging demands found in the garage, utility areas and car. All tools are non-corrosive, molded in black and are designed to deliver optimal cleaning performance. The kit includes:

  • 30 ft. dark gray crush-proof hose
  • Round dusting brush with tough extra long nylon bristles
  • Upholstery tool
  • Slide on upholstery brush with tough bristles
  • “Gulper” extra wide crevice tool
  • Hose hanger
  • See-thru mesh caddy bag for easy tool storage and retrieval

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