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NuTone CK150 Standard Tool Kit

NuTone CK150 Standard Tool Kit

Sale Price: $165.00

MSRP: 175.00 You Save: $10.00
Model Number: CK150
Hose Length: 30 Ft
Nutone designers know exactly how to respond to their customers’ needs and the Nutone Standard Tool Kit CK150 only proves it once more. It is well-known that the central vacuum cleaners made by this manufacturer meet the highest quality and performance standards. However, it is also well-known that optimal cleaning performance in and outside living areas can only be achieved with high-quality accessories.
Recommendation: We highly recommend adding a protective hose sock with your order.

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Sale Price: $165.00


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About NuTone CK150 Standard Tool Kit for Central Vacuums

Nutone Model CK150 Standard Tool Kit

The Nutone Standard Tool Kit CK150 is highly suitable for cleaning hard floors in particular, but the accessories contained in it can perform very well in almost any cleaning situation. The suitability with hard floors is mainly due to the floor tool whose bristles can be retracted or released whenever needed, depending on the surface to be cleaned of dust and dirt. This tool also features two rear wheels for easier movement and provides a continuous airflow for thorough cleaning.

NuTone CK150 Standard Tool Kit Features

The attachment set also includes a low voltage hose which measures 30 feet in length and is highly resistant to shock or accidents of any kind. This hose has a 1-3/8 inner diameter, a soft grip and an ergonomic 360-degree swivel handle which eases its maneuverability and it is characteristic of Nutone central vacuum cleaners. A hose sock made of polyester blue knit is also provided for the risk of scratching, scuffing or damage of any kind to be lowered as much as possible, together with an assembly tube whose role is to ease the introduction of the hose into the protective cover. This easy to wash hose cover is accompanied by a hose hanger and the mounting hardware. The two chrome wands are also great additions which make the cleaning of ceilings, for instance, much easier.

As for the proper cleaning tools the Nutone Standard Tool Kit CK150 contains, they include a dusting brush with nylon bristles which can easily remove the dust that may settle on the lamps, fans or pieces of furniture around the house, a convertible upholstery tool which can be fitted with a slide-on brush with nylon bristles for better cleaning of the furniture or car upholstery, as well as a crevice tool which measures 9 inches in length and is specifically designed to clear any small area of any impurities. Last but not least, this standard tool kit contains a snap-on tool caddy which eases the access to all these cleaning tools, thus saving the user a lot of time and patience.

The Nutone Standard Tool Kit CK150 is specifically designed to match the VX1000 and VX550 power units made by this manufacturer, but it can be used with all the models fitted with 30-foot long hoses. The range of accessories it contains and their features make it one of the best choices for a central vacuum cleaner, whether the cleaning is to be done in the living area or outside of it.

NuTone CK150 Standard Tool Kit

The CK150 is ideal for homes with all hard surface floors. It also makes a perfect second set or starter kit. The kit includes:

  • CK120 Standard Tool Set plus
  • CH235 low-voltage crushproof hose
  • CA130 hose sock
  • *For use with VX1000 or VX550 series Power Units only.

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