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NuTone CK250 Air Turbine Kit

NuTone CK250 Air Turbine Kit

Model Number: CK250
Hose Length: 30 Ft
The attachment kits proposed by Nutone prove that non-motorized accessories can be just as efficient as motorized ones. The Nutone Air Turbine Kit CK250 is an extra piece of evidence in this direction. The accessories included in this package trap the dust inside using the airflow produced by the central vacuum cleaner, yet deliver the same optimal cleaning performance other electrically powered accessories deliver in similar situations.
Recommendation: We highly recommend adding a protective hose sock with your order.

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About NuTone CK250 Air Turbine Kit for Central Vacuums

Nutone Model CK250 Air Turbine Kit

The list of highly efficient tools contained in the Nutone Air Turbine Kit CK250 starts with the CT350B turbine brush, whose efficiency ratio is 38% higher than that of other similar floor brushes as revealed by the ASTM F1284 method tests. This means there is no reason for concern if plants are knocked over around the house or things are spilled around the kitchen because this brush can easily clear the place. In fact, this brush is a much better option than any electrically driven counterpart for it picks things up more easily and much faster. Edge cleaning does not pose any problems either for the wide head of the floor tool can clean everything within a 10-5/8-inch radius and thus make the cleaning job much more effortless. As for the adjustments from one surface to another that might be necessary, the single pedal mechanism can take care of them instantly. Thus, the cleaning can be done continuously on all surfaces.

NuTone CK250 Air Turbine Kit Features

The two button lock wands and the 30-foot long low voltage hose included in this standard tool kit offered by Nutone also help optimize the cleaning performance and improve the cleaning times by lengthening the cleaning distance. The CH235 hose can be adjusted via a rotary control to ease the cleaning while the two stainless steel wands fasten it properly while vacuuming. A hose cover made of washable polyester is also supplied by the manufacturer to protect the hose, which is already made so as to resist to being caught in the door or stepped on.

The Nutone Air Turbine Kit CK250 also contains a selection of very fine cleaning tools suitable for various cleaning tasks. For instance, the 9-inch crevice tool makes tight and unreachable spots reachable while also ensuring a continuous cleaning performance. Then, there is the CT106G upholstery tool which can reach deep into fabrics with its long natural bristles or the slide-on brush with nylon bristles which can be attached. Last but not least, a plastic dusting brush with natural bristles is added for cleaning gentle surfaces.

These attachments are all stored very wisely in a highly convenient storage bad which keeps them organized and at hand while cleaning. Thus, the user does not have to waste any time looking for the accessories they need in a given situation and can focus on eliminating all the dust and dirt embedded in their carpets or settled on their hard floors instead. This combination of convenience, practicality and variety makes the Nutone Air Turbine Kit CK250 an ideal addition to any home.

NuTone CK250 Air Turbine Kit

This kit offers cleaning power with non-motorized accessories. All these attachments work with the central vacuum’s airflow. The kit includes:

  • CK120 Standard Tool Set plus
  • Crushproof hose: CH235
  • CT350B turbine brush
  • CA130 hose sock

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