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NuTone CK350 Deluxe Electric Kit

NuTone CK350 Deluxe Electric Kit

Model Number: CK350
Hose Length: 30 Ft
It is a well-known fact that many of the brushes fitted on central vacuum cleaners only scatter the dust specks around rather than absorb them and thus leave the place clean. However, this is not the case with the brushes fitted on the Nutone central vacuum cleaners and certainly not the case with the CT700 electric powerbrush offered within the Nutone Deluxe Electric Kit CK350.
Recommendation: We highly recommend adding a protective hose sock with your order.

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About NuTone CK350 Deluxe Electric Kit for Central Vacuums

Nutone Model CK350 Deluxe Electric Kit

The Nutone Deluxe Electric Kit CK350 is one of the most effective tool kits against dust, including a range of tools suited for cleaning anything from draperies to hard floors. Unlike other similar kits, this one combines an increased level of practicality with great power without requiring any electrified inlets. The number one accessory in this kit is the CT700 powerbrush, which wipes away all the dust its nylon bristles may encounter around the house. This brush can be adjusted to meet any carpet needs and also features an LED indicator which helps reveal all the dust specks around the house.

NuTone CK350 Deluxe Electric Kit Features

The CT700 powerbrush comes with a CT150B tool whose 11-inch head can fulfill even the most challenging edge cleaning tasks without the user having to go over the same spot twice. This means that not only is the efficiency ratio very high but so is the time effectiveness. In fact, both these indices increase even further whenever the CK135 stainless steel wand is attached because it can be extended from 22 inches to 39 inches for proper cleaning of the ceilings, cabinet tops or stairs. There is also a CK175 adjustable wand also made of stainless steel which can be extended from 26 inches to 39 inches suitable for the same kind of cleaning tasks.

All the attachment kits launched on the market by Nutone include special tools for cleaning crevices and upholstery. The Nutone Deluxe Electric Kit CK350 makes no exception. Its 12.5-inch crevice tool with a notched end is very efficient when used in tight areas and so is the convertible upholstery tool. The natural bristles of the latter reach their maximum potential when used on deep fabrics. Moreover, this tool has a slide-on/slide-off brush which can be mounted if needed. These two special tools are accompanied by a dusting brush whose natural bristle fibers also ensure thorough cleaning of the surface they come into contact with.

The list of accessories is completed by a 30-foot long hose with a 1.25-inch diameter and made to resist to shock, by a protective polyester sock for the hose as well as by a handy storage bag whose role is to lower the risk of any of the tools going missing. These accessories only add up to a list of already very convenient accessories, all designed to optimize the cleaning performance of one’s Nutone central vacuum cleaner and thus save them energy, time and even money. In other words, the Nutone Deluxe Electric Kit CK350 proves once again that the Nutone products are great value for money and that they are worth investing in.

NuTone CK350 Deluxe Electric Kit

Features all the time-saving attachments of the CK355 without the need for electrified inlets. With a six foot electric cord, it easily plugs into an outlet for maximum power. The kit includes:

  • CK230 Deluxe Tool Set plus
  • Electrified crushproof hose: CH515
  • CT700 deluxe electric power brush
  • CA130 hose sock
  • CT175 adjustable-ratcheting wand

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