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 NuTone CK350-355 Attachment Kit

NuTone CK355 Deluxe Electric Kit

Model Number: CK355
Hose Length: 30 Ft
The choice of the accessories to fit on a central vacuum cleaner is decisive to the cleaning results achieved, but anyone who chooses the Nutone Deluxe Electric Kit CK355 can rest assured that they have chosen wisely because this attachment kit provides them with everything they need to achieve those excellent cleaning results they are seeking.
Recommendation: We highly recommend adding a protective hose sock with your order.

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About NuTone CK350-355 Attachment Kit for Central Vacuums

Nutone Model NuTone CK350-355 Attachment Kit

There are a total of eleven items included in the Nutone Deluxe Electric Kit CK355 which include a powerbrush, a floor tool, a hose and a protective sock for it, the standard crevice, upholstery and dusting tools, two caddies and two stainless steel wands. Probably the main one is the CT700 powerbrush with its nylon bristles disposed over a width of 14 inches for higher efficiency levels. The traction is improved by a set of four rubber wheels, the maneuverability is eased by a guiding element whereas the visibility is enhanced by the LED lighting. Also, four floor height adjustments can be made for more effective cleaning. The efficiency of the CT700 powerbrush is combined with that of the 11-inch wide Deluxe combo tool CT150B, which adjusts to the height of the surface it comes into contact with automatically and enables the user to clean their floor in a single stroke, thus saving them a lot of time and effort.

NuTone CK350-355 Attachment Kit Features

The power and therefore efficiency of these two accessories are completed by the convenience of two stainless steel wands and a crushproof hose. With maximum lengths of 39 inches and 30 feet respectively, these three accessories reach at longer distances and in more delicate places than many similar accessories, thus relieving the user of much of the cleaning hustle. The hose also comes with a special sock made of some durable fabric which comes between the hose and the walls or furniture so that no scuffs or scratches occur.

The Nutone Deluxe Electric Kit CK355 also provides solutions for detail cleaning such as that of upholstery or crevices. A 12.5-inch long crevice tool is provided for cleaning tighter spots around the house whereas the CT106G upholstery tool is designed to handle any dander, dirt or other impurities that might hide behind the furniture, car seats or in other similar places. The slide-on/slide-off brush available with the latter also comes in very handy. A third tool, namely a dusting brush made of hard plastic, is also provided for delicate cleaning tasks. Finally, these can all be stored in a special storage bag which is also included in the kit. This bag lowers the risk of losing any of the tools in the package.

All in all, the Nutone Deluxe Electric Kit CK355 makes the cleaning routine far less cumbersome by providing a set of tools which can handle almost any cleaning challenge. Therefore, should one need to clear the dust from their crevices, nooks or hard floors, they can rely on this complete attachment kit to help them carry out the chore successfully.

NuTone CK350-355 Attachment Kit

All the attachments you need to keep your living space dust free. With selections for carpeting, hard floors, draperies and furniture, this deluxe kit features the convenience of maximum power without the need for an electrical plug. Works with electrified inlets CI358, CI390 and CI395. (See page 23). The kit includes:

  • CK230 Deluxe Tool Set plus
  • Electrified direct connect crushproof hose: CH615
  • CT700 deluxe electric power brush
  • CA130 hose sock
  • CT175 adjustable-ratcheting wand

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