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NuTone CS200 Carpet & Bare Floor Attachment Set

NuTone CS200 Carpet & Bare Floor Attachment Set

Sale Price: $185.99

MSRP: 195.99 You Save: $10.00
Model Number: CS200
Wand Length: 22"-39"
This attachment kit is all you need to compliment your existing NuTone central vacuum system. This kit comes with a handy storage bag to keep all your attachments in. Never misplace them again! With several attachments, including a floor and rug combo tool, dusting tool, crevice tool, and upholstery tool, this kit contains all the central vacuum accessories you need to keep your house spotless.

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Sale Price: $185.99


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About NuTone CS200 Carpet & Bare Floor Attachment Set for NuTone Central Vacuum Systems

Nutone Model CS200 Carpet & Bare Floor Attachment Set

Following an already traditional path, Nutone aims at the highest cleaning standards while constantly looking for new ways to simplify the cleaning process as much as possible. To this end, the Nutone designers have proposed a series of attachment sets that are bound to help homeowners achieve notable performances on a number of different levels. One of their propositions is the Nutone CS200 carpet and bare floor combination attachment set, an ideal little helper for any homeowner, regardless of their cleaning needs.

A first indicator of Nutone’s determination to achieve both time effectiveness and a high level of cleaning performance at the same time is the CT140G combination floor/rug tool included in the Nutone CS200 carpet and bare floor combination attachment set. Equipped with a head measuring 10-5/8 inches in width, this combination tool is an ideal ally against dust and dirt, being designed to cover significant surface areas within one stroke and very effectively so. Moreover, it features a special mechanism to be operated by a single pedal that allows for continuous cleaning by ensuring an effortless and very smooth transition from hard surfaces to rugs and carpets.

This combination tool is seconded by an extendable wand, model CK135, designed to increase the convenience levels by extending the cleaning radius significantly. Depending on their cleaning needs, the users can adjust the wand included in this attachment set to extend the cleaning radius by anything between 22 inches and 39 inches, whether vertically or horizontally. Thus, they can easily reach various high areas that may need cleaning such as cabinet tops or ceilings, among others.

As expected, the Nutone CS200 carpet and bare floor combination attachment set does not overlook any special cleaning needs that homeowners might have either. Therefore, it also includes a dusting brush as well as tools for cleaning crevices and upholstery. The dusting brush is a CT105 one made of hard plastic and fitted with natural hair bristles for a minimized risk of scratching or damaging the surface in need of cleaning. Deeper cleaning needs are addressed by the CT106G upholstery tool, which can be fitted with a natural hair brush as well for improved cleaning results, thus making the removal of pet dander, allergens and dirt much easier. Last but not least, the attachment set includes a crevice tool that measures 13 inches in length specially designed to ease the cleaning of tight spaces. The notched end of the CT110 crevice tool in this set should also be noted for it allows the continuous and therefore easier cleaning of these hard-to-reach areas.

Finally, high convenience levels being known to constitute one of this manufacturer’s main objectives, it should be noted that all the accessories included in the Nutone CS200 carpet and bare floor combination attachment set are stored in a special bag. This way, they are all at hand so that homeowners can pick the ones they need for a particular cleaning job without any hassle. Moreover, this handy bag prevents the loss of any of pieces included in the attachment set.

Nutone CS200 Attachment Set Features
Combination Floor/Carpet Tool(CT140G) with a 10-5/8" wide cleaning path, with easy switching from carpet to hard surfaces
Adjustable Wand(CK135) that extends from 22"-39" for easy cleaning of high ceiling corners, cabinets, and draperies
Durable Plastic Dusting Brush(CT105) featuring soft natural hair bristles
Upholstery Tool(CT106G) features a slide on or off brush with soft natural hair bristles
13" Long Crevice tool(CT110) for extra reach in tight spaces. Features a notched end for continuous airflow
Oversized bag for easy storage of all accessories; never lose your tools again!

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