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NuTone CS400 Deluxe Carpet & Bare Floor Set

NuTone CS400 Deluxe Carpet & Bare Floor Set

Sale Price: $349.00

MSRP: 359.00 You Save: $10.00
Model Number: CS400
Hose Length: 30 Feet
Hose Type: Low-Voltage Crush Proof
Finish your vacuuming in no time! This kit features a low-voltage, crush proof 30-foot hose complete with an air-powered turbine brush that uses the airflow from your central vacuum unit to provide a deeper clean than regular brush attachments. Complete with several accessories, including a pet tool, and oversized bag for easy storage of the parts, this is a great kit to compliment your existing NuTone Central Vacuum System.

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Sale Price: $349.00


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About NuTone CS400 Deluxe Carpet & Bare Floor Set for Central Vacuum Systems

Nutone Model CS400 Deluxe Carpet & Bare Floor Set

Many homeowners dismiss the idea of keeping a pet in their home not necessarily because of the health risks they are exposed to, but because of the hassle of cleaning after them. Vacuum cleaner manufacturers have noticed this little fact and responded by launching various cleaning solutions for these particular homeowners. Nutone’s solution is the Nutone CS400 carpet and bare floor combination pet care attachment set.

This selection of accessories which use the air flow generated by the central unit is designed to meet the highest demands of homeowners, whether pet owners or not. As is already customary with Nutone, durability and convenience stand out as two of the main objectives. The CH235 hose included in the Nutone CS400 attachment set proves it. Designed to withstand any stepping or squeezing that might occur during cleaning and therefore to last, the hose has a cleaning radius of 30 feet and features an on/off switch and a rotary control for easier operation. Similarly to the CS300 attachment set, the hose comes with a hose sock, which prevents damage to the hose, but also to the furniture and walls of the house, as well as a hose hanger made of metal. A wand hanger can also be identified in this attachment set as it accompanies a CK135 adjustable wand which can add another 22 to 39 inches to the cleaning radius. Thus, reaching high areas should not be a problem any longer.

Furthermore, these highly convenient accessories are complemented by a number of brushes and tools for special cleaning needs, all non-motorized as well. To start with, the CT350B air turbine brush guarantees high quality cleaning results based on consistent power. Driven by the central vacuum cleaner, this brush shortens the cleaning times and increases the cleaning efficiency while weighing 74% less than other similar brushes. The Premium Twist & Turn floor brush adds to the cleaning efficiency while also providing major advantages in terms of maneuverability with its 13-inch head and highly protective natural hair bristles. Last but not least, the CT109 pet brush, which is specific to the Nutone CS400 attachment set, guarantees high quality results in terms of pet hair removal, making pet keeping far more enjoyable and less cumbersome.

Finally, the Nutone CS400 carpet and bare floor combination pet care attachment set also includes a few special tools for special cleaning demands. More specifically, it includes a CT105 dusting brush, a CT106G upholstery tool and a CT110 crevice tool, all fitted with natural hair bristles to protect the surfaces they are used on. Moreover, the crevice tool features a notched end, thus eliminating all interruptions during cleaning, whereas the upholstery tool can be fitted with a brush for improved cleaning results and minimized health risks. At last, the handy storage bag keeps all these tools at hand at all times so that they can be picked up effortlessly whenever needed.

Nutone CS400 Attachment Set Features
A crush-proof 30-Foot low-voltage hose(CH235) with an on/off switch
Air Turbine Brush(CT350B) provides a deeper clean using existing airflow from central vacuum system
A Premium Twist & Turn floor brush(CT158) that maneuvers with ease. At 13" wide it will save you time cleaning
An extendable Wand(CK135) for easy cleaning of high ceiling corners, cabinets, and draperies. Adjusts from 22" up to 39" for convenience
Pet Brush(CT109) with flexible, soft bristles that massage and lift hair directly into the vacuum
Durable Plastic Dusting Brush(CT105) with soft natural hair bristles for easy cleaning of delicate surfaces
Upholstery Tool(CT106G) with soft natural hair bristles on the slip-on/slip-off brush for easy cleaning
Long Crevice tool(CT110) that measures 13" in length for extra reach in tight spaces. Features a notched end for continuous airflow without compromising performance
Protect your hose as well as your furniture and house from scratches with the soft yet durable Hose Sock(CA130)
Durable metal hose hanger for convenience
Wall mounted wand hanger for easy access
Oversized bag for easy storage of all accessories. Never lose your tools again!

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