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NuTone CS500 Carpet & Bare Floor Pigtail Set

NuTone CS500 Carpet & Bare Floor Pigtail Set

Sale Price: $414.95

MSRP: 424.95 You Save: $10.00
Model Number: CS500
Hose Length: 30 Feet
Hose Type: Electric Pigtail | Crush Proof
This is a great power attachment kit for those that need a little extra power in their cleaning duties. Featuring a deluxe electric power head with a current carrying wand, a floor brush, several brush attachments, and more this is a great attachment set to pair with your central vacuum system.

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Sale Price: $414.95


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About NuTone CS500 Carpet & Bare Floor Pigtail Set for Central Vacuum Systems

Nutone Model CS500 Carpet & Bare Floor Pigtail Set

Nutone’s reputation within the vacuuming industry is partly based on the constant focus on providing the best cleaning solutions for homeowners with various kinds of needs. Highly convenient, the Nutone CS500 combination carpet and bare floor electric pigtail attachment set is also a product of this endeavor.

With its combination of accessories, the Nutone CS500 attachment set offers the advantage of increased vacuuming power while eliminating the need for electric inlets. The CH515 crushproof hose, for instance, provides significant freedom of movement, extending the cleaning radius by 30 feet rather than demanding the use of an electric inlet. This way, the cleaning process becomes much more efficient. It should also be mentioned that the hose is designed to withstand any kind of impact that it might be subjected to during vacuuming. Additional protection is ensured by the hose sock which accompanies the CH515 hose, while a hose hanger is added to keep it in one place.

The selection of brushes included in the Nutone CS500 attachment set covers a wide range of needs, bringing together a number of features designed to maximize the efficiency of the cleaning process. Firstly, the CT700 electric power brush has a four-position height adjustment feature to guarantee an improved control of the vacuum cleaner and an increased effectiveness of the nylon bristles on a variety of surfaces. The LED lighting feature guarantees improved visibility throughout the cleaning process.

The Premium Twist & Turn floor brush, on the other hand, is an ideal option for various dusting jobs, its natural hair bristles preventing the risk of scratching the surface in need of cleaning. This brush stands out through its special design which seeks not only improved maneuverability, but significant time savings as well with its head which measures 13 inches in width. Delicate surfaces will be cleaned using the CT105 plastic dusting brush, also fitted with soft bristles for protection purposes.

The Nutone CS500 combination carpet and bare floor electric pigtail attachment set also includes two extendable wands for easier access to high areas. The CK135 one has an adjustment range of 22 to 39 inches, whereas the CT175 one, which is to be used in association with the CT700 power head, can be adjusted to measure anything between an additional 26 and 39 inches in length. A wand hanger is also available.

In addition, an upholstery tool and a crevice tool are included to respond to the special cleaning needs of homeowners. The traditional CT106G upholstery tool delivers excellent results with its natural hair bristles, leaving behind a healthy and clean living environment. The 13-inch crevice tool, on the other hand, ensures continuity as well as eases the access to any dust deposits found in isolated corners or tight spaces.

The tools are all stored together in a storage bag for increased convenience and a lower risk of loss. Finally, as the name suggests, the final piece of the Nutone CS500 combination carpet and bare floor electric pigtail attachment set is a 6-foot pigtail electric cord to be connected to a 120 V/AC outlet for additional power and therefore improved cleaning results.

Nutone CS500 Attachment Set Features
A crush proof 30-Foot Current Carrying Hose(CH515) with a 6-foot Pigtail and an on/off switch on hose handle
A Deluxe Electric Power Brush(CT700) featuring four height positions, LED lighting, and a motorized nylon roller
A current carrying, adjustable wand(CT175) that extends from 26" up to 39". Used with the Deluxe Electric Power Brush
A 13" wide Premium Twist & Turn floor brush(CT158) that maneuvers with ease
An extendable Wand(CK135) that adjusts from 22" up to 39"
Durable Plastic Dusting Brush(CT105) with soft natural hair bristles
Convertible Upholstery Tool(CT106G) with soft natural hair bristles on the slip-on/slip-off brush
Long Crevice tool(CT110) that measures 13" in length for extra reach in tight spaces. Features a notched end for continuous airflow without compromising performance
Hose Sock(CA130) to protect your walls and furniture
Durable metal hose hanger for convenience
Wall mounted wand hanger for easy access
Oversized bag for easy storage of all accessories. Never lose your tools again!

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