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DrainVac MOTE-29 Central Vac Motor

Sale Price: $133.00

MSRP: $163 You Save: $30.00
Model # MOTE-29  
Motor Type: Series Universal
Input Voltage: 230 VAC
Frequency: 50 Hz
Fan Diameter: 5.7"
Fan Stages: 2-Stage
Fan Style: Bypass
Air Discharge: Tangential
Operating Temp: 32-104°F
Bearing System: Ball
Recommendation: *When purchasing a new motor, we highly recommend buying a spare set of carbon brushes and changing your motor carbon brush every 2-3 years.


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Why replace the motor? Buy a new vacuum.
Central Vacuum Motor Replacement DrainVac MOTE-29
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DrainVac MOTE-29

This genuine DrainVac MOTE-29 is one of the most common central vacuum motors in the industry today. This motor is typically used in home & commercial applications. If you choose not to replace the DrainVac MOTE-29 motor and would rather upgrade your system then click for Central Vacuum Recommendations.

Our professional advice: If your central vacuum is over 10 to 12 years old consider replacing it with a new more modern, energy efficient, quieter, and certainly more powerful unit. If you do decide to replace the central vacuum, it is easy and takes less than approximately 20 minutes.

We can help you find a new central vacuum motor, determine if you need to replace the motor or the entire central vacuum system. Contact our technical support team 1.800.322.2965. Most consumers choose to upgrade their central vacuum rather than hassle with motor installation.

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These items are non-returnable and are not covered under our 30 day return policy. UPS Ground Only Within The Contiguous US Sales Tax Will Apply To Florida Residents.

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