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Central Vacuum Wall Mounting Brackets:

 A central vacuum wall mounting bracket is located typically on a 2x4 wall frame. Typically, the Brackets will work together with a Central Vacuum Wall Inlets. The Bracket may be mounted on either wood or metal which can be located behind sheet rock. This bracket will join the Central Vacuum Pipe system to an external wall inlet valve door. It reduces the PVC Pipe of the Central Vacuum from 2" to 1.5" diameter to accept a Central Vacuum Hose.

Universal Mounting Bracket - Fits 99% of all standing inlets

Universal Mounting Bracket

This mounting bracket is commonly found in 99% of all homes today. On the front side of this bracket the measurement is 1.5" diameter. On the backside of this bracket the opening is 2" to accommodate Central Vacuum PVC pipe. Plastic is the most commonly used Mounting Bracket in the industry today

Price $3.45

Wall Inlet Trim Plate

Wall Inlet Trim Plate

The Wall Inlet Valve Trim Plate is a white trim plate designed to fit under wall inlet valves. In the case of an irregular wall cut-out, the trim plate hides the cut-out edges providing a professional looking installation. Comes in Ivory or White.

  • Mounts under wall inlet valve

  • Hides irregular wall cut-outs

  • Makes a professional, clean-looking, installation

  • Works on all wall inlets, excluding genuine Vacuflo inlets

Price $2.95


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Genuine Nutone CF361 Mounting Bracket

Genuine NuTone CF361 Mounting Bracket

This Mounting bracket should only be used for a genuine Nutone 360 standard inlet. This Mounting Bracket comes with a 90 degree elbow included.

Price $6.50

cCentral Vacuum Wall Plaster Guard

Central Vacuum Wall Plaster Guard

The Valve Bracket Plaster Guard is a shield that
can be placed over open wall inlets to prevent
plaster and wallboard mud from entering the wall inlet during construction/painting. Protects the wall inlet valve bracket from contamination during construction

Price $1.45

Face Plate Extension Fitting

Face Plate Extension

This fitting extends the distance allowed between a wall inlet and the mounting plate. This fitting is to be used in instances where the wall and/or sheet-rock is thicker than normal. the opening is approx. 1.5" diameter.

Price $0.95


Floor Extension Fitting

Floor Extension Fitting

For extra thick walls and floors - inlet extension should be used to connect inlet to flanged fitting.

Price $4.95


Vacuflo Wall Mounting Bracket Kit

These Mounting Brackets are designed for Vacuflo Wall Inlets only. Mounting bracket comes with 90-degree short elbow included.

Price $14.95

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