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Central Vacuum Plaster Guard

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The Valve Bracket Plaster Guard is a shield that can be placed over open wall inlets to prevent plaster and wallboard mud from entering the wall inlet during construction/painting. Protects the wall inlet valve bracket from contamination during construction.

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Sale Price: $1.45

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About the Central Vacuum Wall Plaster Guard

As in all technical areas, the maintenance of a central vacuum system, its adjacent piping system and all the additional components it includes plays a very important role in its proper operation. The central vacuum plaster guard ensures the protection of a mounting bracket, which serves as a supporting frame for any inlet mounted on the wall.

Although covered by the wall inlet it supports and more isolated as compared to other central vacuum pipe fittings, mounting brackets are also exposed to a number of risks. The most common include leaking wall texture paint, falling drywall bits or other forms of wallboard or plaster residue. The plaster guard is designed to prevent all these forms of residue from reaching into the wall inlet valve. Basically, attached over the inlet, it protects it from any type of contamination during construction.

However, it should be noted that mounting brackets made of plastic require the use of longer screws, so they should be verified in advance. Of course, the edges will only be covered and therefore protected if the plaster guard fitted onto the mounting bracket is rectangular in shape. However, the plaster guard can also be replaced by pieces of cardboard to ensure the protection of the holes as well as that of the wires.

Finally, it should be noted that the central vacuum plaster guard has more than just a protection role, also helping to locate the appropriate position for making an opening in the wall if needed.

ThinkVacuums offers mounting brackets, central vacuum systems, parts, and more. If you need help installing your central vacum call us today: 1.800.322.2965.

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