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 Inlet Extension Sleeve

Central Vacuum Inlet Extension Sleeve

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If you have thick walls then the Inlet Extension Sleeve might be the right one for you. This extension sleeve is made to connect an inlet to a flanged fitting through thick walls or floors.
Note: May be cut to any length necessary

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Sale Price: $4.95

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About the Central Vacuum Inlet Extension Sleeve

Although the function and installation principles are always the same, the needs of central vacuum owners in terms of piping and pipe fitting may vary depending on the thickness of the walls accommodating their piping system. As expected, extensions are commonly required for the adjustment of piping systems passing through thick walls and floors, this Inlet Extension Sleeve being one of them.

Walls and floors with an increased thickness require the use of inlet extensions in order for the inlet to reach the mounting bracket that supports it. According to one scenario, the small end of the inlet extension will be fixed in a cement frame, whereas the large one will remain visible at surface level and fix the inlet onto the wall or floor. Therefore, the latter must be adjusted in size for the inlet to appear properly positioned. Next, the flange-equipped coupling will be attached. Homeowners must be very careful because it is equally important to seal the extension into the flange-equipped coupling properly subsequent to the previously mentioned adjustment. Finally, the mounting bracket will accommodate two low-voltage wires which will be fixed onto the screws located on the back of the inlet.

On the other hand, there is also a less complicated scenario on the use of a Inlet Extension Sleeve. This alternative scenario implies the face plate of the wall inlet being inserted in the upper part of the central vacuum Inlet Extension Sleeve and the wall inlet being subsequently fixed into position using a couple of screws.

As expected, the choice between the two central vacuum Inlet Extension Sleeve installation methods will depend on the layout of the central vacuum piping system. But overall, assuming it is the proper installation method, we highly recommend the Inlet Extension Sleeve.

ThinkVacuums offers mounting brackets, central vacuum systems, parts, and more. If you need help installing your central vacum call us today: 1.800.322.2965.

Instructions for the Central Vacuum Inlet Extension Sleeve

 Inlet Extension Sleeve

Refer to Figure 1. Large end of inlet extension should be cut to length to allow proper seating of inlet against floor or wall. Apply cement to smaller end of inlet extension and insert flanged fitting. Make sure extension is well seated and sealed into flanged fitting. Pull low voltage 2-conductor wire through mounting bracket and attached to terminal screws on back of inlet.

Refer to Figure 2. Insert inlet tube into top of extension. Secure inlet in place with two screws.

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