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 Universal Mounting Bracket

Universal Mounting Bracket

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This mounting bracket is commonly found in 99% of all homes today. On the front side of this bracket the measurement is 1.5" diameter. On the backside of this bracket the opening is 2" to accommodate Central Vacuum PVC pipe, which includes a 90 degree elbow. Plastic is the most commonly used Mounting Bracket in the industry today

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Sale Price: $3.45

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About the Universal Mounting Bracket

Also known as backup plates or mounting plates, mounting brackets play an essential role in the installation of wall inlets. Basically, they act as supports, helping to fix the inlets into position while also ensuring a neater and clean-looking installation. The universal mounting bracket provides the simplest solution in terms of wall inlet installation, eliminating all compatibility risks and being very easy to mount itself.

This universal mounting bracket can be found in 99% of homes, being designed for standard wall inlets and pipes. Thus, it measures 1.5 inches in diameter on the front side and two inches on the back side in order to allow the fitting of standard PVC central vacuum piping, which comes with a 90-degree elbow. Also, these dimensions are intended to accommodate the attachment of the central vacuum hose. As far as the manufacture material is concerned, this mounting plate usually comes in a plastic design for flexibility and cost related reasons. Moreover, this choice of material makes the stud mount very easy to snap off.

Most often, mounting brackets are fitted on 2x4 wall frames made of either wood or metal and set up behind sheetrock. Concealed under the door the wall inlet is equipped with, they are discreet yet play a very important role in the installation of central vacuum systems. Therefore, the universal mounting bracket provides a standard frame for wall inlet installation, easing the job significantly so that anyone can manage it and lay out a clean-looking central vacuum piping system.

ThinkVacuums offers mounting brackets, central vacuum systems, parts, and more. If you need help installing your central vacum call us today: 1.800.322.2965.

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