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Vacuflo Wall Mounting Bracket Kit
Vacuflo Wall Mounting Bracket Kit Vacuflo Short 90 Degree Elbow Vacuflo Wall Mounting Plate

Vacuflo Wall Mounting Bracket Kit

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These Mounting Brackets are designed for Vacuflo Wall Inlets only. Mounting bracket comes with 90-degree short elbow included.

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Sale Price: $14.95

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About the Vacuflo Wall Mounting Bracket Kit

The mounting bracket is paramount to the installation of wall inlet valves for vacuuming purposes and not only. Therefore, it is also paramount that the wall inlet valve and the mounting bracket are compatible. Most manufacturers approach this compatibility issue by designing specific components to correspond to their own wall inlets. The Vacuflo wall mounting bracket kit serves as an example in this sense.

The wall inlet support included with the Vacuflo wall mounting bracket kit is only compatible with the wall inlet designs signed by Vacuflo. More specifically, it can be used with the models of the Vacuflo 4900 series, namely models 4935S, 4940S, 4941S and 4949S. It should be noted that all four models are low-voltage and fully automatic. Therefore, once they have been installed, the central vacuum unit turns on with each lift of the lid. However, the hose must have an on/off feature and this is only possible if matched with a Genuine Vacuflo model, which is a two-prong hose model.

The Vacuflo wall mounting bracket kit also includes the 7046 90-degree short elbow fitting, which is made of polyvinyl chlorine, also known as PVC, for higher durability. This composition is ideal for the airflow as well, the internal surface being smooth and therefore allowing an improved air transition through the pipes throughout the entire system. The smaller radius of the coupling also allows a better airflow, this type of PVC being thinner than the contraindicated plumbing PVC.

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